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I quite like TittySparkles. Consistent quality, and more self-aware and character-focused than a lot of the typical clop. - /mlp/

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Because why the fuck not?

Fluttershy is best Berry Punch

Will there be more of this story? :rainbowhuh:

Nothing like a good drunken bar fuck.

This is like the 50th story I've read about Fluttershy being drunk...
Originality left us?

Pff, cider.

REAL MEN DRINK BEER!!! :flutterrage:

Unless you're Bear Grylls, in which case you drink your own piss, but I digress. :twilightsmile:


If you have an original idea for a clopfic then why not tell me it and I may write it out.
Not at the moment. I may write a few extra chapters in the future but it's nothing set in stone.

Damn, kind of bucked up to buck her while she was drunk but I guess she needed tyo get off, I swear I read this before a very long time ago....shit. Poor Flutter's wonder who cheated on her:flutterrage: She does NOT deserve that.

Well for starters its 1:00 am here. also the second one is that mares have "heats" that they go in and during that time a stallion can impregnate a mare. Its just that when you said "Do you have a condom" It just set off many indicators in my head. third one is the fact that my mare is, according to her heat schedule, going into heat in about two days time. this has been proofread by King Krysalis. The overall rating that I give this entire story is a 4 out of 5. I think that you could've put in a comedy tag. But I'm gonna stop ranting and leave you to making wonderful stories. for your good stories I reward you two mustaches! :moustache::moustache:


haaaa its too fast, in general is very good, but describe it much better, wonderfull

Why don't you get your own ideas...?

I got a few, was just wondering if you had an idea you wanted to see.

now we just need a pinkie drunk :pinkiehappy: :pinkiegasp:

Drunk clop, Forced clop, Dark clop, I'm starting to wonder is clop the only thing that gets reviews. Not that I'm bashing on this story, fact is I think this is the third where Fluttershy literally pukes in the story and sex happens anyway, I kinda like that. Gives it a feel of realism, yet at the same time a situation most would handle differently.

Fact is I liked the story, if only because the stallion in it (though it was supposed to portray the anon) was not some douchebag ass who simply took advantage, in fact even tried to back out of it for awhile. He's only a stallion, even he has a limit, heh. That and it had Fluttershy, so I already wanted to give it a quick read.

2392818 no, REAL men drink whiskey.

2405811 That would be the end of the world.

He fought the good fight as Three Dog would say.

Well that was an enjoyable little read. If only other ponies would show Fluttershy the kindness that she always shows. I am looking forward to reading more stories by you in the future. Keep up the great writing!

I enjoyed reading this, but feel there needs to be a follow up "Aftermath" to this, be it a 2nd chapter or a follow up story. It currently leaves too many questions:

Were we able to get Fluttershy home (because we certainly are not going to let her try and go home like this in her current condition after all that has happened.) or does it turn out after an hour we don't know the location of fluttershy's house and she's too drunk to tell anyplace apart and we are forced to have her crash at our house?
Was it too tiring dragging Fluttershy to her house and we end up crashing on the floor after we get her to her bed?
Do we wake up to see annoyed animals in the morning?
Is there a knock on the door that wakes us up as friends of Fluttershy hear of her break up and choose to check up on her the next day, only to find some stallion they don't know up the door?
Will Fluttershy remember any of this when she wakes up the next day, or will she draw on small details of what happened that night and come up with her own theory based on the pieces?
Will we wake up in our bed to the sounds of knocking at our door and be faced to face with up to 5 additional angry mares who are now convinced, thanks to the pieces fluttershy thinks she remembers, that we are the scum of Equestria?

Such questions need to be answered!:derpyderp1:

you know you could probably do something to this make a sequel to it look what happens when she wakes up and finds out with she did make them go through a little awkwardness then do a little shipping make him meet her friends make it worth her friends don't like him or trust him because of what her last boyfriend did to her and because they just met. you take it from there I'm not writing the whole thing for you:raritywink:and good job can't wait for you next story:twilightsmile:

Finally, Flutters gets some lovin' that isn't straight rape...

I would like to have a sequel, but maybe one that ends up being half of a real story, not just clop. Clop with a story....
I mean I ony saw another story with Rainbow and "Hardknock?....", where they do it, and he actually kind of looks like a real nice guy.

The story looks kind of sweet while also partly focusing on sexy things.

Don't usually like fluttershy clop of them in general but I liked this one good job

Green day-basket case is the song I listened too

This is a very good story. Is there going to be a sequel?.... If...if its ok with you that is:fluttershysad:

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