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Talking is nice. Feel free to send me a message if shit sucks. I don't mind the conversation. :derpytongue2:

I don't know anything about you. But this guy told me that you were lying about the suicide since you were on FimFiction after you said you would kill yourself. I do hope he was correct and that your weren't actually going to go through with it.
Now then - if you're really going to kill yourself, then just take a minute to think about what you're doing. I'm not going to waste your time with the bullshit that people always tell you. I'm going to ask you - what will this accomplish? No more pain, sure - but no more happiness. No more joy. No more anything. Is that what you want to do to yourself? Stop EVERYTHING? Furthermore, I've always found suicide to be a rather selfish act. Do you honestly think that your pain right now exceeds the pain that your loved ones will feel when they learn of your untimely death?
Don't do it, man. It is stupid and will solve nothing.

Suicide would serve no purpose, it would only harm those around you and you more than what you feel.

Please don't kill yourself, there's so much for you to do before your time comes. :fluttercry:

I believe we human being have only a single life to live, correct?

If that is true, why would you waste your life by doing something so meaningless?

While I, personally, believe you are just being an attention seeker, suicide is a dangerous thing.

To live is to run a race. If you commit suicide, you are quitting the race.

Even better, there are people who are racing beside you and are willing to help you. Shrugging such people off and claiming that they do not exist would not accomplish anything.

However, I am starting to ramble.

Whenever life knocks you down, you don't sit there and cry. You don't sit there and whine that you were knocked down. You don't crawl on your hands and knees to the nearest creek and drown yourself.

You stand back up.

You may need support, but you stand up, no matter what happens.

Are you a human being? Are you one cowardly enough to claim your own life? Are you seeking attention because you have absolutely nothing to do other than waste your own valuable time?

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