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Rape, you say? :moustache:

Well I haven't read it yet, but I do say that i'm rather interested purely for the concept of the characters you mentioned. I want to know if you have anything involving his actual girlfriend becoming immensely upset and going out to find this mare, or having her console him and shield him from the trauma of this event, seeing as shes protective of him. I just think it would make an interesting story, and if not used would be a bit of wasted potential.


3203092 hitler ok i im am ok with this

Gotta say since your last rape story this is much better in all fields:rainbowhuh:, as strange as that is to say or type

in the description, you kinda dudeified stormy...

I....want a sequel, i seriously do. hell, it doesnt even have to have sex. :coolphoto: It's just that this is a tota setup for an awesome story. If you don't continue this, i ask you for permission so that i can. Well done good ser :pinkiehappy:

I know that the "the end" is there to hammer in that this is a stand alone fic, but I must say that it came as a little surprise you did a thing like that that I normally only see in school novels when the rest of the story was on such a high level.

There was 2 small typos, so it is over the normal standard for clop, and I am sorry that I ain´t more helpful than this. Normally do I point them out so they can be fixed, but was so hooked on your tellerstyle that it would be a loss to break the flow and copy paste the mistakes into a comment.

Loved it

So wait, the pony universe switched gender roles? Thats kind of a scary thought.

3554118 No, it just did for this relationship...:pinkiecrazy:

3554118 a lot of stories are like that because of the lack of males

Then again another cliffhanger fic that I read:ajbemused:
Although I was:raritydespair: then:raritycry:

Damn, you know how to press peoples buttons. Seriously, for a large part of this story I wanted to kill Rose Thorn, heck even making me imagine shooting the bitch multiple times. I know it's a story, but I am still shacking from rage. You know how to really piss a guy off.

Is this normal for me to feel this? It's a story for fuck sake yet I feel so much anger. Being the white knight I am most of the time it felt like I was beating against a one-way window. I wanted to help Starlight so much yet I knew I couldn't. God, I promise you that if I ever see someone raping another I will not hesitate to end their pitiful lives.

5640227 I know how you feel dood. I know the feels.
Good job author , I havnt felt feels this strong since reading my little dashie!


Still, I want to murder her ass.

5859299 same here dood................actually I wanted to make her left for hoof into soup and give it to her for Christmas.....BUT ANYWHOOOOOO!
Gonna go read something to take this off my mind before I punch someone lol.


*reads another rape fic*
This isn't helping any.

5860946 aww! You know me so well!!! I did the same thing :rainbowlaugh:

this was amazing. i cannot begin to explain how correct you made this rape feel, the innocent colt and the abussive bully who takes what she wants. the reaction and aftermath is SO AMAZINGLY WRITTEN AND I RESPECT THIS SO MUCH! you my good man, deserve a good bro-hoof /)

This is a proper honest fem-dom rape fic. The story and narrative was simply outstanding. The clop itself was a bit mediochre, but that's a wash compared to how well written this was.

Send Rose Thorn to Tartarus where she can be raped by demons with penises covered by things relevant to her surname for eternity.

This is one heck of a rapefic, I must say.

You really made it clear how horrible it is for Starlight, yet how arousing it is for Rose Thorn, and personally, the act of Rose "Marking her territory" is just... unf:pinkiecrazy:

Oh, and do I spy a reference to your previous fic? :trollestia: If it is, that's pretty neat.

Honestley the idea of rape makes my blood boil hotter than the sun and rose thron just makes it worse

I'd kill Thorn. I hate her and just what she says makes me cringe and angry...:twilightangry2:

Rape is always a really sketchy thing to have in a story, but the way this was written was so impactful. I think the most profound part is how quickly Stormy 180d her initial fear that her beloved coltfriend of three years had stood her up and could just sense in her heart that something terrible had happened (and on the night where she was so certain of their bond that she was going to propose, nonetheless). And the interaction between them when her lover’s instinct was proven true was just the icing on this cake.

It was really well written yey:pinkiehappy:

I loved this. I thought the way you narrated events from both character's perspectives, allowing the audience a window in to each of their thoughts and feelings, was very cool.

I enjoyed the way you wrote changes in each of the character's emotions, they felt fluid and dynamic. There were a few times where their changes in their emotions felt strange, midway through Starlight is described as apathetic and "completely and utterly broken," but just a few paragraphs later he his emotional state suddenly changes, which felt very odd.

I was hoping there would be some kind of ass play. Since Thorn was already getting off on violating Starlight as thoroughly as possible, I though she was going to "defile" him back there. There was already so much in this, however, I think I am satisfied even with out, it just would have been cool.

I loved the way you portrayed the power dynamic throughout the story. You did a wonderful job of showing the gradual shift in thorn as she exercises power and control over another.

Thanks a lot for writing this, good sir/madam! It's still being enjoyed by filthy degenerates after all these years:twilightsmile:

This fic, and the fact that I felt uncomfortable with actually reading it, reminded me of the fic Sunset Shimmer Vs You. Therefore, allow me to repost part of my comment from that story here: Assuming that the technology exists, Starlight Gazer should tell Stormy Sky that he's just going to look up the phrase "mercenary jobs" on Google, and he'll use any results from the search to hire mercenaries to kill Rose Thorn in as torturous a way as possible. Either "mercenary jobs" or the phrase "assassin jobs" on Google and come up with at least two different sites dedicated to the profession. Either way, both his and Stormy Sky's hooves would be clean, and the mercenary/assassin in question would be serving vigilante justice!

I'll blow up the Thorns straight away if anyone gets on the bike, yeah?

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