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Events have not been kind to Trixie since her second time challenging Twilight, but hardship breeds wisdom. If only she'd have any time to think things over! She's been involved in an accident, earning the enmity of somepony very powerful. To escape her troubles she accepts the offer to join an expedition with a mysterious goal.

Trixie has once again bit off more than she can chew. Before long she'll be out in the cold...

Pre-reading credits to Volgrand!

Cover art by Karzahnii!

Reviews: #1, #2

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Hers is the cutlery that will pierce the walls :trixieshiftleft:

No idea what to think just yet, but I'm guessing that was the intention. Will they find dinosaurs? Atlantis? Murderous shape-shifters?

Okay, i have to give you some serious props for making that pony jail sound totally plausible within the pretty much crime free setting canon portrays. Even better was Trixie's reaction to it all - daring jailbreak indeed, heh.

This is definitely being added to my watch list as I'm a sucker for a Trixie-fic, especially one that has avoided the usual cliches that such fics tend to start with.

Somewhat not boring. Might be keeping track of this.

Interesting. So far your stories show very good worldbuilding. And Luna's reaction to the 'prank' was both very amusing and in-character.

Don't worry, Luna. It's just a practical joke that the whole country is in on!

They're persistent.

He's totally not qualified, is he?

High Life couldn't break the proverbial cuffs.

Rimewolves huh? Are they ice elementals like Windigos, or are they actual wolves?

Hello, dear readers, and thank you for your time and attention so far!

I just thought I'd mention that, unlike how I wrote my previous story, this time I've got a buffer. I'm currently writing chapter fifteen, which is probably the second or third last chapter. It feels good to be close to completing my second story! I hope you'll enjoy the ride -because it's about to get wild.


And so does Trixie add another Blueblood to the list of 'crazy ass nobles who want bad things to happen to her'.

Crystals story was... depressing and both unbelievable and believable at the same time - It seems so hard to imagine people (or ponies) would assume that she is Twilight just because she looks similar... but then I am aware of real life stories in which actors and body doubles have been attacked because people thought were really their character/person-they-doubled.

And while Trixie may balk at using the methods of nobility to even up the score against the sergeant that wrecked Crystal, i'm sure she's capable of finding something she could do to fix that. She's a smart mare after all.

For a fleeting moment she noticed that her aura wasn’t the usual blue but a sickly green.

Errr... Trixie´s aura is pink, not blue.

Dozens? I hope the cage serves as a bunker.

Well... now this I was not expecting.

Also, can I say how i love how every chapter title is technically entirely true?


Coming up with ways to exaggerate a chapter's contents without lying completely and without revealing too much is almost half the fun of writing this. The title for chapter nine was so obvious to me that I had it prepared before writing chapter one!

Veeery interesting twist here. At least Trixie is fully healed now.

Platinum must be like Clover; a second voice in her head. Unfortunately, that voice isn't slightly reasonable like Trixie.

If the Windigo does what she wants, does that mean she's no longer in danger from being assassinated by the most negative family on the planet?

Very interesting and well handled. Starting in medias res - Trixie's in jail, we don't know why, and judging from the way she's considering breaking out, she may be in unfairly. It's not until a bit in we find out why. Good, good.

I took a liking to Escape Clause - competent and reliable, and she gives us an opportunity to see how Trixie acts in the company of regular family. Snowbloom on the other hand was very obnoxious.

Chapter twelve. We're two thirds of the way through the story now!

Thank you, readers, for your interest so far. I read your comments but I seldom answer. Don't think I am ignoring you.

One thing I really would appreciate is if you'd point out any lingering typos or grammatical errors. Some slip by no matter how many times I read through my own text.

Another thing: I invite you to suggest better chapter titles. This one I feel is particularly weak, but I'm unable to think of anything better. They should of course be a 'heroic' deed' by Trixie somehow linked to the chapter but without spoiling it.

Less 'element of badass' and more 'element of POCKET SAND-WINDIGO!'

As to Trixie the bolt catcher... Now i kind of want to see a fic based mainly around Trixie having hundreds of such seemingly quite useless circus skills that she can leverage into badass moments like that.

Lobelia dying of a heart attack was a nice touch I thought, it really made her death her own damn fault more than anything else. Which obviously resonates with the simple fact that Trixie had gone madly out of her way to keep the hell away from her - meaning that had she done nothing Lobelia (and High Life who, lets face it, is probably gonna die out there in the wastes or is going to face insane punishment if he shows his face again) would have still been, as it were, in charge.

Of course since High Life helped, and even admitted that the Bluebloods knew where Lobelia was all along, and tried to kill both an agent working for the princesses (Trixie) and someone who is both a princess and a living archeological figure... Hell, I don't see the Blueblood family in general coming off good from that. Especially since, if she is treated as a princess, Electrum has due cause to essentially declare war on the Equestria/The Blueblood family. Which is kind of a threat to take seriously when she's about to end up with a frikkin' Changeling hive on her side.

Now i really want to see how you wrap this up.

Yes it can. Windigo is also a Trap Monster, no replays.


But can Princess Electrum prove her heritage to the Equestrian Royal Families?

This story needs more attention.
I like it.


As to Trixie the bolt catcher... Now i kind of want to see a fic based mainly around Trixie having hundreds of such seemingly quite useless circus skills that she can leverage into badass moments like that.

Circus skills useful for heroics is the shtick of Dick Grayson, a k a Robin. Which gives us the excuse to make Trixie a sidekick to Mare Do Well! It's tempting.

Very, very good stuff.

BTW how about "Trixie, the Demon Master" for the title?


TGAP Trixie, Master Ponymon Trainer

I'm really, really tempted...

But would Trixie get to constantly make up new and ever more dramatic deaths for her parents as part of her tragic superhero backstory?

Y'know. While they're right there even.

And I already know the ending. BWAHAHAHA!

That title is entirely accurate. That... is all I can say.

The crystal ponies near the back of the tower jumped up and down while laughing while those near trixie rushed over

You forgot to capitalize Trixie's name, you impudent worm! She had to get that ONE 'auto'biographer, didn't she?

Seriously, though, I loved this chapter.

Now that was a generally heartwarming chapter, one which really shows off how much this whole expedition has changed Trixie.

Of course there's still plenty of time for other hooves to drop...

Chances Trixie ends as the Royal Mage on Princess Electrum´s new kingdom.
Also, princess Twilight is gonna get crazy when she discovers Trixie has the original Starswirl’s spellbook.

Trixie should deliberately auction one of Starswirl's books when Twilight is present, and make a killing. Maybe get her to auction off her Element mistakenly, right after the clothes on her back? That'd be funny.


Trixie met Clover the Clever.
I think Twilight is going to react to this fact in much the same was as Lobelia did to Trixie.

Only then will Trixie reveal the books. Just to finish the job.

The Chapter has been posted. That's capital T, capital C.

Fitting that I'd get my cover art for the occasion. Worship that cover art. WORSHIP IT I SEZ!

I doubt none of you didn't see this coming, so I instead congratulate your foresight and thank you for not spoiling it for the rest. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Or a cookie. Whichever you prefer.

Rarity transformed into foot windigo. She likes transforming, whether its her or Spike.

Oh Trixie.
Want to bet that any future copies of the book will come with a little dedication in the form of a 'take that, Twilight Dorkle!' message?

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