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When you hear the name Enterprise what is the first thing to come to your mind? Is it a Yorktown class aircraft carrier with more medals and honours than you can wave a stick at? Or maybe a starship of the Federation? But what about an ageing Emerald class light cruiser of the Royal Navy who served valiantly in WWII? No? She has been forgotten from history, and this is her story, the untold story of the H.M.S. Enterprise D52. Her story is one of survival and valour, adventure and loss, we open a book untouched by history, to remember, remember the brave men who have faded from history. This is their tale.

Now that we have the hopefully powerful description out of the way, this story isn't historically accurate (Just a warning but really, how accurate is it going to be with talking ponies?) this isn't a HiE or a PoE, oh no, this is something I don't think has been done much, if at all. But alas: Spoilers.

Equestrian flag by: http://qtmarx.deviantart.com/

I do not own anything My Little Pony related in this story, other than the story itself. Nor do I own anything pertaining to the Destroyermen series by Taylor Anderson, while not a crossover his work is referenced directly and some basing is from it.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 481 )

I've been throwing around whether or not to be immature and do this...but, ah to hell with it!

First! :rainbowwild:

Now with first comment stolen: Those who like this story should also check out my friend's story "The Lost World"


Fixed a couple of times I mentioned a ship's name without it being italicised, Microsoft why you no compatiable? :raritydespair:

Oh noes! They gun' kill Tavi!

Predictions aside, I'd like to see where this goes. Will we have an entire U.S. naval ship in Equestria? Or will you really do something entirely different and send a ship-full of ponies out on dangerous waters?

Lastly, does this count as "shipping"? :twilightsheepish:

2373825 Oh I could never kill Octavia, as to what will happen, you'll see: Spoilers.

Also the prefix H.M.S. is His/Her Majesty's Ship, this was the British Emerald class light cruiser that bore the name Enterprise, and yes she is real, and yes she served in WWII, but we only know of the story of the U.S.S. Enterprise CV-6 not the ship I used.

I guess this could count as some form of "shipping". :raritywink:


Boats and hoes, boats and hoes...


Free advertisement aside, this aught to be interesting.

2374954 I caught your comment when it was only 32seconds old, heh I'm totally not stalking you, now if I only I could stop getting distracted every two seconds and finish the 17% complete Chapter 2.

This story has my Interest [CLASSIFIED] and I would love to read more [CLASSIFIED] of it. Please write more because [CLASSIFIED] wainting for my ther favs to update :yay:

2376395 "Classified" wouldn't happen to be your favorite word would it? :ajsmug:

I'm writing another chapter now, have patience.

No my favorite word is [CLASSIFIED] and it means A model of shotgun that can fire two or more rounds simultaneously. :twilightsmile:

2376430 My favourite shotguns are side-by-side double barrels. They can fire two rounds simultaneously, but if it's a 12 gauge you can say goodbye to your shoulder when you fire it. But because you said "two or more" I'm going to have to say it isn't a double barrel.

This is good dude... I like it!

2376643 Thanks, I'll make sure to screw up on the next chapter, this story is doing too well, 10 likes to 1 dislike and 12 favourites on its first day. I didn't think it'd attract this much attention, that may mean more pressure not to screw up on later chapters.

Faved and I will be looking forward to this greatly

2376799 I'm temped to add British dazzle ships into this as well, I mean they'd fit MLP quite well.

:derpytongue2: I'm not sure who came up with the idea of painting ships a ton of bright colours to make them less visible, but they still look cool. :rainbowwild:

2376833 Oh god no... that would make my inner rivet counter flip into a frenzy!

2376833 It was an attempt to camouflage ships. In some lighting it worked, but in the end there is no hiding huge ships like that.

Good story man. You seem to have a intricate knowledge of naval craft.

2378829 What can I say, I like ships. :pinkiehappy:

Also welcome to Fimfiction.

2378895 tux man, I like the army so expect to see some knowledge of standard firearms and weapons including the f88 austyer standerd issue bulpup right firing 5.56mm rounds and the m16 standard issue small arm rifle.

2378919 Well the only firearms you'll be seeing in this story are .303 Lee Enfield rifles, .303 Bren guns, Webley Mark VI and Enfield No. 2 Mark I revolvers. It's nice to hear everyone's interest, also the little pencil icon is an edit button if you ever need to change a mistake on a comment. :twilightsmile:

The Enfield No. 2 Mk I is basically a direct copy of the Webley so I was debating whether or not to call them all Webley's but nah. It'd be more accurate this way.

OOOOH.... [spoilers]they get caught by Japanese?[/spoilers] This is going to be interesting...

2378953 I agree. You should at least add in like some vikers machine guns or a boys AT Rifle. They were pretty standard naval armaments.

You may want to mention a little more on the ship itself, her personality, how she handles, the armament, quarter sizes. Just saying she's an antique gives the non-history students :rainbowderp: and that's it. I sorta can guess due to my background and my knowledge on WW2 ships, but I've NEVER heard of this class of ship before so some description of the Enterprise would be apt. Apart from that, good solid start to this story

2378992 Yes they'll be in here too, the Vickers were also part of the Enterprise's AA armament, in the form of two quad mounts. Although the Boys AT rifle would be a little overkill for most things... at least until they [spoilers].

2379021thx for the reference. I need help with writing a story as I'm only 14.

2379039 Oh? Well I'm sure they'll be plenty of people willing to help you, I can too when I have the time but currently I have quite a bit to do.

2378999 I plan to, the prologue was meant to be made out as a memory that the crew are trying to bury, hence the vagueness. Once I get to everyone's favorite bi-peds the Enterprise will have a proper description.

37908 thx man. Oh think yo could discuss naval stuff with me.:moustache:

2379099 Sure, I did for Bairiko when he was writing his story's naval experience.

2379116 lol. Thx. I think battleships are boss.

Maybe I shouldn't have written the first half of this chapter at like 1am, it didn't turn out as great as I wanted, mainly the OC's and their names.

I like battleships.

But I am also down with cruisers and packet steamers. Old ships make me happy.

Take this gold favorite star. It's just for you.

2380139 Thank you, I've read your story with the Iowa class battleship and thought it was pretty good, maybe a little on the fast paced side but still good. Although the first part of this chapter may need to be revised since I'm not too happy with it, and that I wrote the total amout of passengers completely wrong. The human ship I based this off of held more than I first thought, I ended up taking the total amount of combined passengers and crew to be what really was only the crew.

I've fixed it now, although a little lower passenger count to make for the extra luxury but still, if I was off by 275 on the complement count I wonder what other major mistakes I made.

oooooooh.... snap.... sail out of a storm and into the middle of a war... great

2381376 And from next chapter on is where the story takes the... unexpected road. :trollestia:

I have to agree with you on coming up with names for ponies: they are a pain to come up with. Funny thing though, I came up with a name that I would want to use for my OC ('cause flyingfox just ain't gonna work for a pony) if I were to make a story, which I have thought about doing. Don't expect me to create a story though, I am absolutely awful when it comes to original ideas. The name that I came up with 2 months or so ago is Sea Breeze. I could go on but I don't want to take up much more space on this.

Anyways, good story thus far and I look forward to future chapters. I've always had an admiration for sea vessels, more so traveling on one rather than working on one.


2381698 Sea Breeze sounds quite familiar now where have I heard that name before? :yay:

Also have you seen how many stories there are here? It's quite hard to be original at this point. People have covered like every possible concept.

Also don't trust Sea Breeze with anything, he'll manage to screw it all up somehow.

Damn dude, people really like this story. Good on ya :pinkiehappy:

Totally not a bit jealous, nope not at all. :derpytongue2:

2381924 I'm surprised at it, I hope it doesn't get too popular, because I know I'll screw up sooner or later and if it's really popular when I do screw up, it'll be that much worse.

I'm also kind of scared they set the standard for featured stories too low, I saw one up there with only 64 likes and like 200 views, at the rate this is going that'll mean this gets featured in like a week. At which point I'll have to hide.


I know that feeling. I want my story to be featured because come on, who doesn't? But at the same time the moment it does is when I'll probably go hide under a rock or something.

2382020 Should we look for a rock with central air and heating, clean water and a decent water heater, maybe a flatscreen and PS3? :twilightsmile:

Cunard Transatlantic Cruises or whatever it's called, and you already told me who made the engines.

2382162 Yes you got the Sunard/Cunard although I think I put others in but I don't remember which ones were which.

One internet cookie for you.

Is Octy going to become the new Forces Sweetheart then or something?

2382311 I don't follow... being up all night/morning for the past week has started to take its toll on my mind.


Vera Lynn, The Forces Sweetheart. Toured a bunch of places during WW2 playing songs for the troops, hence her name. Pretty popular to boot.

2382345 Too tired mind doesn't want to work couldn't even get my own referance.

But umm no, it'll be spoilers to tell you what I'd meant with the Vera Lynn though. (Although it is such a small role it wouldn't be that bad.) Although since you know who that is you get another internet cookie.

If you've played Sonic Rush Adventure for the Nintendo DS, then the name would sound familiar. Sea Breeze is a name Tails gives to one of the water craft in the game, the hover craft I think. The Sea Breeze I came up with is different than the one you came up with. To me, Sea Breeze sounds more feminine than masculine.

And yes, I have seen how many stories there are. A crazy large number.


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