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It was a calm, clear summer day and Rainbow Dash was enjoying herself. Doing flips and rolls as she made her way to Ponyville when she notices she's being followed. What could this pursuer be? What can it want? Will Dash be able to outpace it? Read to find out! (Duh)

Warning; physics defying Rambler ahead, it's fuelled by pure Pinkie Pie. :pinkiecrazy:

I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Beep! Beep! by the Playmates, nor do I own the 1951 Nash Rambler convertible. I only own this humble story.

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Comments ( 48 )

Oh, boy here we go :rainbowlaugh:

I'm curious as to how you managed to nail 1,000 right on the head.

That's the stuff Twilight takes to become so powerful.

3242655>>3242642 I wonder what happens when you get a bad batch of magic? :twilightoops: :rainbowderp: :raritydespair: :rainbowlaugh:

They become the WWWYZZERDD

3242691 Oh that happened at Twilight's entrance exam, do you not remember? :trollestia:

3242712 Ah so that's how it works. :twilightsheepish:

3242701 Hey Unknown, remember that Apple Fritter conversation? :trollestia:


Kinda in public right now, on mobile... I just commented for teh lulz.

3242810 Oh, in public, hmmm how tempting to post something NSFW. :moustache:


Damn, you're more of a dick than I am to my friends... Well met, kinsman.

3242823 That is King Dick to you, slave! :twilightangry2:


Have you no moral fiber? Posting incriminating things on your OWN story?

3242848 Morals? What are those?

This is perhaps the last song I expected anybody to pony.

I lol'd

3243049 Nothing is safe from pony. :trollestia:

Alright, I'll admit. It was an entertaining read.

It made it past ten likes. This requires a sequel.

Except for certain things which I will not divulge so you don't ponify them

3244629 How do you expect a sequel to this? :rainbowlaugh:

With a Charger beating her next.

3244661 Why don't you do it then? :trixieshiftright:

Well I am doing a Johnny Cash story.

So maybe I will! And it'll be better than yours! And it'll have blackjack...a-and hookers!


NO. YOU IDIOT! Myles Bennett Dyson.

3244769 Nope nope nope! :eeyup: *Walks away saying 'nope' over and over*

Come back! YA BASTARD!

3247959 *Gets farther and farther away* Noooopppeeee!

When will "The Forgotten Enterprise" update, or has it been forgotten.

3249396 It hasn't been forgotten, I just work on Valve Time. :twilightsheepish:

I want to say sometime this week, but I've said that before when I had a little writing spree and it fiddled out. So I'll just say eventually. (One million years later... :rainbowwild:)

Cool story I like it and good for the Nash. Also Callsign Eagle best song ever and if you want look this up on youtube Johnny Cash one pace at a time

A Nash Rambler that goes 720 mph? And potentially flies? WHERE DO I BUY ONE?!

4195424 At your local ACME store, only £120000000. :trollestia:


very clever i like it!:pinkiesmile:

6096795 Thanks, though it wasn't really too clever, after all the vast majority of this story was just reworking some lyrics of an existing song and describing how they'd play out.

Warning; physics defying Rambler ahead, it's fueled by pure Pinkie Pie.

Well, that right there is why I fear Pinkie Pie. I like my physics normal.

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