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(Takes place after Season 2.)

The Courier was given one simple job: to deliver the package known as the Platinum Chip to the ruler of New Vegas and get paid in the end like all of his jobs. Instead of what he was hoping for, he goes on a wild journey after being shot in the head two times to help decide the fate of New Vegas and the entire Mojave Wasteland. But how, how can one single courier be able to help decide the entire fate of the new world?

William "Bill" Davis, also known as the Courier, has been through a lot since he came to the Mojave. He had been shot in the head two times and lived to tell about it. He crawled out of the Sierra Madre, looking like shit, but good to be alive. He stopped a tribal conflict in Zion by helping the one known as the Burned Man lead his tribe to victory. He also discovered many wonders of old world science and history at Big MT. All the while, he continued helping folks around the Mojave while being a menace to those who would seek to harm the weak.

Still confused of why he was given this job, he and his traveling companions get ready to set off for Hoover Dam to help the NCR fight the second battle when he gets a message, a message that will help explain the whole truth of why he was given that job to deliver the Platinum Chip. The location is all pinned out for him; the path to the ruins of the Divide. If he is going to find out the truth of all of this, he must walk this journey, alone. Or will he?

Twilight Sparkle, the Ponyville librarian, Princess Celestia's prized pupil, and the Element of Magic ends up into the hellhole of the Mojave Wasteland after a freak accident when investigating a strange crashed object in the Everfree Forest. Arriving there, she meets the Courier, the so called "savior of the Mojave Wasteland" and "hero of the NCR". Together, they will have to work together if Twilight wishes to get back home alive. But as they travel further on their journey, they will not only face the dangers at the Divide, but a dark past that has burdened Bill for years.

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Why is this on hiatus? Will Twilight be badass in this story?


Cool, glad to see an update. Really good chapter. Keep up the good work.

Interesting story please continue:twilightsmile:

okay I am greatly loving this and I am already thinking of a couple of wild wasteland moments that you could use, how about twilight making a pinkie promise, and when she explains that according to her friend pinkie promises between friends are special and breaking a promise is the fastest way to loos a friend.... at this point she gets hit in the face with a flyer or something that has the word FOREVER written on it in big bold letters

I think this story deserves a mustache. Great idea by the way. I love fallout.:moustache:

Awesome. I await more.

Comment posted by Ionic Architect deleted Feb 19th, 2015

If they ever come across the Storyteller, he might at first glance mistake Twilight for one of those robot ponies built by the Zeta aliens.

Wild Wasteland - why do I now wish that they'd start trekking up to the north-west part of the map, so that Twilight could get Indiana Jones' hat from the fridge by Goodsprings Cave, and see some aliens - while getting their guns (I still think that it's a great idea that Project Nevada gave the aliens by Horowitz's Farmstead the alien weapons from Mothership Zeta instead of the tri-beam laser rifles, and I think Twilight would find them interesting - maybe enough to actually keep and use them, burning Marked Men into ash quickly to stop their suffering?) Maybe if your Courier does what mine does, and have a remote supply stash at Lone Wolf Radio (which I think Twilight would have an interest in seeing all that pre-war tech there, and it's in between the canyon entrance and Primm), the Courier could give Twilight the Alien blasters used in Zeta because she can use weapons without needing a sight, and those guns not only have a fixed amount of ammo in the game, which will eventually make them useless to him, but they also don't have sights on them? I think Twilight would find that interesting, a third species from a third planet also there, even if they are hostile and will immediately try to kill her....

That Courier Bill sure is quite the scholar. Maybe he's been hanging around the Storyteller? :twilightsmile:

My name's William! I WIN THE STORY!

Wild Wasteland - A Fourth Wall Breaker Enemy such as a rider or a marked man

Or The Storyteller from shoddycast, suddenly appears in the story and saves them from a group of marked men or save them from the group's of deathclaws from the bridge that still haunt me from this very day.

So, this Courier has Wild Wasteland? Add. Pinkie. Pie.

Have Twilight see hallucinations of Pinkie Pie.

Footnote: level up! Perk attained: Insomniac: You have some scary stuff up there! You take longer to get to sleep, and have a chance of waking up early due to nightmares. also gives you +2 perception from 6pm to 6am. Happy nightmares!

Quest: An Otherworldly Friend
"A purple horse? What?!"
Save the horse. _/
Talk to the horse. _/
Find NCR. _/
Convince NCR to assist. _/
Defeat legionaries 0/50.
Release captured people 0/4.
Footnote: Level up! Your standing with the NCR has increased! Your standing with Caesars legion has decreased! New companion: Twilight Sparkle: Apparently a unicorn from another dimention. She possesses a stange ability to use 'magic'.

Quest complete: Welcome to The Mojave
Visit panam. _/
Get food. _/
Talk to Twilight. _/
Get a place to sleep. _/
Comfort Twilight. _/
Level up! Perk attained: Comforter: You sure know the right things to say to open people up! +25 speech with emotional characters.

Twi , here's some espresso to drown your depresso

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