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Twilight Sparkle has fallen from grace, and now is a fugitive from the law. On the run from the Police Internationale, she sets out from the port city of Trotterdam on a five hundred kilometre trek to the distant city of Königsberg, while at the same time, trying to stay one step ahead of a ruthless detective determined to bring her to justice.

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Great.....once she snaps the hay out of this and goes back to Equestria, she's going to be fairly ashamed of the outlaw she'd been made into.


I'm pretty sure the whole "outlaw" thing will only be one thing she'd be ashamed of...:pinkiesick:

I sort of included her giving it up for anything with a pulse in the outlaw lifestyle. At this rate, Ditzy Doo isn't the only pony that's going to end up getting religion.


Just as long as that religion is the state religion. Celestia pays too much attention to Twilight for her to convert to nephitism.

That's for sure....Twilight is an active threat to her power while Ditzy/Derpy is an nopony with a funny voice.

Well Celestia can sleep tight knowing Twi is doing 5 to 10 somewhere in Europa when Luna gets back.


Celestia REALLY went blind for a minute if she missed this one (unless it is assumed she knows :pinkiehappy:)

Also, I just noticed something. Other than Fluttershy, Twilight is the most reclusive of the mane 6, and she has gotten more action in your stories by more... THINGS than any other character.

Unless I forgot an encounter Vinyl Scratch had...


Well. Vinyl's had a lot of partners...


May I ask, how does she hope to arrive in a city that no longer exists on another world?



It exists...
Just not under that name in an official stance. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Manure just got real huh.

Well adding a (or several) bounty hunters might be fun too? :trollestia:


yeah...until they want a larger cut. you dont know how many times ive had to explain to people how partners of mine ended up in positions they shouldnt be ably to bend in.

Pierre La Roche isn't the kind of pony to be relying on others for anything. He does everything himself.

And as a result. Nobody likes him in the slightest. :pinkiecrazy:

This is probably why Octavia's "Vinyl Scratch is about to do something exceedingly stupid" sense is probably going off right about now. She doesn't know it but she's going to run afoul of a world-class hardpegasus.

155944 "work together until its time to get the pay :pinkiecrazy:"


There's just so much one pony can do,and Twilight has by now probably connections in the underground at least through her dogfriend(no idea how to call it with a male dog heh )
And Pierre "La Coq" (thats who ill call him :rainbowlaugh: ) cant just flash his badge to get answers (or whatever he has) ,but since hes a hard ass i dont think he plays by the rules all the time hmm?

a few mistakes ,but it seems that things are about to heat up. again.

small typos :

We need to leave, and we need to live now'.
'He knows who my am, and we need to get out of here'.

Other then that,looks like this will be interesting, ala "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" lol

Let's tote up what she has to live down when the dust clears: falsely accusing RD of cheating on her, fleeing the country, becoming a gun-runner/discount prostitute and international incident on hooves. It sort of makes this timeline's Ditzy's pretending to be a clueless, out-of-control simpleton because that's what everypony thought she was anyway look sort of harmless and cute.


I don't know, that first one wasn't her fault at all. Especially when you consider that Rainbow ADMITTED to Twilight that she cheated because Rainbow thought she did. Sure it was an illusion, but not false accusation in the way you mean really.

... but yeah, that's like me arguing that a mass murderer is innocent of jaywalking :rainbowwild:


I know....I just hope that she manages to beat the tar out of the jackass who sent her the accursed thing in the first place.


The book is magic, it sent itself. :pinkiecrazy:

Ooops.:derpytongue2: I forgot that it's an Artifact Of Doom with a will of its own.

Oh man, the trebuchet scene was exactly the comedy relief this story needed :pinkiesmile:

That's about the size of it..........


And we all know its the size that matters.

Pierre La Roche must be a pretty chill guy to walk up to his prey and instead of attacking her, giving her warnings :rainbowderp:


He can't make the arrest. Like INTERPOL, La Police Internationale can't make arrests. Pierre just tracks them down and Local Police have to make the arrest.

Great. Twilight is neck deep in trying to touch off a war and proud of it. I hope La Roche is prepared for how far she's willing to go to not get separated from her booky-wook.

Pierre's pretty full of himself, I'd like to see him do something before giving him credit

"Its 3:00am. I'm going to refresh this page real quick, just to see what happened in the last hour"

*refreshes page*

"Oh look, a story I'm tracking just updated. I'm going to just see which one did"


*Sees its this one*

"... looks like I'm getting 30 minutes less sleep tonight..."

Hmm, "dead wrong" might end up more literal then intended

Hmmmm......the problem with Equestria is that its absolute monarch is a physical goddess. It'd be a fairly difficult thing to successfully overthrow Insane Luddite Egomaniac with Family Issues.

Tonight is a good night. Not only did one of my favorite series update, but I got a lesson in grammar too :pinkiehappy:

Well damn, worst detective ever.

I have so many questions right now, I don't know if there is enough server space for me to type them all...


And if that was all real, oh yeah. But at the same time, I'm so confused. I'm guessing it was the book trying to get Twilight to get it back. But does the book work that way? Why would Pierre, the best detective, even do that!? Why is Monty back??

*head explodes*



Why Wheller? Why?

so we have Rarity: get stranded on prison island with the worst criminals of all, suddenly thinks all are criminals out to get her :raritycry:

La Roche: Rapes his pray, how the hell did he even get away with such stuff if he did it in the past, or was Twilight special since shes a unicorn,former student of a princess of equestria.

Monty is the god so just appearing around would be possible,but if he just pops the book out of nowhere then f*ck it hes fake.

Well, at least she's separated from the book....for the moment....I hope.

Inb4 Vinyl's group or Luna's group coming across the tome.

It's fairly easy to see why the Royals did suppress knowledge of the Precursors: they love their power. As for Twilight, I'm pretty sure that it's either Vinyl or Rarity that's woken her up now.

No memory of the past chapter? Nothing in the last chapter actually happened anymore (except their physical positions in the world)? I see what you did there... :rainbowwild:

But yeah, I understand why Celestia needs to be removed, even if she does have a... reason for the way she is, but Luna? Either she is hiding something from everypony, or I missed something in the past few chapters...

Pretty sure I remember Twilight saying she was simply using Heinrich to her needs, nothing more than that

Or was that tome-brainwashed Twilight saying that and she really did love him

I was a little confused at first as to how in the world Twilight could have developed feelings for Heinrich while under the tome's influence, but the more I thought about it, the more sad it became.

That one sentence was more potent to me than any death in the entire series, including the death of Rainbow Dash.

My question now: What's going to happen to heinrich :C

WOO! floppy disk is back!:yay:

Okay, her memories are 'gone' but that doesn't mean that she's out of the woods yet by a long shot. That's the thing about artifacts of doom that riff off the Nanoha-verse; they always come back to haunt a pony.


Please, if we know Wheller, something much more deadly and powerful is going to gain possession of that book.

And I do have to say, for God-like beings, letting Heinrich keep his memories of the past two weeks (unlike Twilight) was either a major slip up, or the trolling of the century.

And the moral of the story is that Surprise helped:pinkiecrazy:

Point taken. After all, Ditzy isn't available for innocently dropping off cosmic horrors any longer and Raindrops is so clumsy, she'd probably destroy the thing so they needed someone reliable.

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