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Driven from their home, Twilight Sparkle, her friends, along with the Cutie Mark Crusaders flee west to the distant Vermillion Mesa. The headquarters of the Cultus Mechanius.

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And so, the fun begins anew.

Frog blast the vent core indeed.

Oh, well. So Archimedes is being the idiot this time. Perhaps when they get where they're going, they can team up with the Nephites.

Aw, and here I thought Celestia had decided to lay waste to all :trollestia:

The hopper feeding shit to the fan has just been filled to the max, and the dispenser hit into overdrive...

Oh, super. Things just keep getting better and better.

Finally the death , took you long enough this time :trollestia:

well fuck. again.

Oh, goody. Dinky gets to (as the Yanks say) tear her biological mother a new arsehole in this one. That's two more ponies that want to beat the shit out of Vinyl now.

Would be "funny" if Vinyl was the mother... and she doesnt even recall it with all the drugs and parties she had.

It would be a miracle that Dinky is normal then though.

In hindsight, I can see why you lot would think that Vinyl is Dinky's biological mother.

However, she is not.

the shit is being thrown into a jet engine at 30,000 feet

Hmmmm. I'd wondered what Trixie was in all of this. Archimedes might not know it but he's got a headache that refers to itself in the third person.

I'd wondered what happened to him. Twi might have forgotten him but his need for closure will surely make her future a bit more interesting.

Okay.....things seem to be progressing as well as could be expected. That being said, at least AJ is smart enough to admit that being kept from remembering the Old World is a good thing. After all, she's keeping the others from knowing which Nephite finished things off with the Appleloosans.

I sense that The Eagle legion will reform to participate in the "fun" in Equestria, with it not having any armies or anything i really wonder how just Celestia kept order until now when its so easy to cause chaos next door to the capital.

Ruh row... Thar be trouble ahoof fer Pippy!

Great. Not only has Pips acquired a severe case of "bull's-eye on the forehead", the rest of the Cultus and their Nephite allies are about to descend on Ponyville to take care of some long-overdue business.

I hope he gets... a Surprise. Although if not I'm sure he won't walk away without a good Scratch though.

Oh, dear. It looks as if the Epilogue to the Epilogue is going to end up being something of a mess.

Trixie rape time i guess.:trixieshiftright:


You win two internets

Also it doesn't seem so far fetched to me that Pips would happen to be somewhere near Appleoosa anyhow

:coolphoto: Gonna kill that motherbucker.

Besides, I'm not doing anything wrong. How can I?

Her biological mother had given her up almost straight away because she didn’t want her easy going, care free, fun loving lifestyle to be interrupted. In other words she didn’t want to take responsibility for her actions.

My mother in law in a nutshell.

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