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Scootaloo has always been jealous of the relationship that Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom have with their older sisters. She sees how they share a special bond that goes beyond friendship. Yearning for that same bond for herself, Scootaloo decides to ask her idol, Rainbow Dash, to join her in the largest celebration of sisterhood in Ponyville, the Sisterhooves Social. Rainbow Dash accepts, but she later receives an invitation from the Wonderbolts to train with them on the same weekend as the Sisterhooves Social! With help from Twilight Sparkle, Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash learn that the magic of sisterhood isn't always easy.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 104 )

Its a cute story so far...I wanna see where this goes :twilightsmile:

1869788 Thank you! I promise you my best effort!:scootangel:

keep it up these are rather short chapters so im hoping there will be quick updates, i love the scootaloo rainbow dash mother/sister pairings. :rainbowdetermined2::scootangel:

1871177 Oh don't worry, I have an outline. I can't wait to share this with you all! :heart:

This seems familiar?:trixieshiftright:

1874750 "Sleepless in Ponyville" was awesome!

hmm moar cant really see where this is going to end up, my guesses are dash goes with the wonderbolts but realizes her mistake, or well i honestly cant see her turn them down with a simple im sorry :ajsmug: looking forward to seeing where this goes. :rainbowwild:

I love this. It feels so right, and I can't wait to read more. :pinkiehappy:

1899737 New chapters coming real soon!! :scootangel:

aww this is going to be bad :applecry: poor scootaloo :scootangel:

Yeah then they all wore moustaches!

1913394 Spolier alert: no moustaches. :raritycry:

This is getting interesting. What will Rainbow Dash do? how will Scootaloo's great weekend go? Tune in to more of "Big Sister Rainbow" for all the answers. I can't wait, and on a different note, I wonder if I would be a good story narrator. :pinkiehappy:

1915969 You're asking the all the right questions, so I think you'd be an excellent story narrator! :raritywink: And, yes, tune it to find out what happens!!

:flutterrage:Bad Rainbow Dash! Scootaloo is more important than the Wonderbolts! Disloyalty in its purest state!:flutterrage:

When I read what Rainbow dash did I was like:

Bye bye rainbow dash you went to far (Click click)

My heart... it buuurns and aaaaches.

Not a good impression for the Wonderbolts, Dash. :rainbowhuh:
I'm sure it's not about talent.....

rainbow better have a good answer :flutterrage:

Rainbow Dash needs to get her priorities straight! who cares if the Wonderbolts asked her to train with them! She is so very in the wrong here. I hope the story gets happier.

(Click, Click) that's my shotgun if you were wondering!

Rainbow Dash better have a pretty good answer for this....

So glad that you updated quickly!!!
The very thought if Scootaloo lying, crying on the hill for weeks on end while the next chapter is in the works.... :fluttercry::fluttercry:

So Thankyou :twilightsmile:

No Rainbow, not smiling at you. :rainbowhuh:

1958553 Don't worry, Twilight and the gang found her in a few hours. :scootangel: More coming soon!

1982802 it best make my cold dead heart melt :flutterrage: thats why im a brony.. it helps me forget even if it is just for thirty minuets. :ajsleepy:

Up next! Magical shenanigans courtesy of Twilight Sparkle! :twilightoops:

Seriously, she would just look through her books for a spell to resolve everything. :facehoof:

"More importantly, I need to teach sisterhood to Rainbow Dash.”

Yes Twilight. Form a complicated plan and "teach" other ponies lessons by yourself. It's not like you have a record of choosing wrong means to bring the message. :twilightoops:

No! Rainbow Dash, why did you break you oath to Scootaloo?:fluttercry:
Although, I foresee consequences in the future, courtesy of one Twilight Sparkle.

oh come on:unsuresweetie: the cliff hangers are killing meh.

If I was her I would have just been like, screw Rainbow! And just not have her as a idol anymore! :ajsmug:

Somehow I knew this was going to happen in the case that Rainbow didn't take Scoots with her to her day with the Wonderbolts..... Now I'm curios as to how things are going to play out. What will happen when Rainbow touches down in Ponyville? We'll find out next chapter folks!

She finally realized her mistake. Rainbow Dash can learn. I can't wait to see more!:pinkiehappy:

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