• Published 29th Dec 2012
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Big Sister Rainbow - Nova Force

Scootaloo wants to participate in the Sisterhooves Social, so she decides to ask Rainbow Dash to be her sister! Will Rainbow Dash make the commitment, or will an opportunity to hang out with the Wonderbolts interfere with Scootaloo's plans?

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Tear Drops On Her Back

“A job well done today, little sister,” Rarity said as she stretched out her hooves in all directions before lying on her sofa. With her eyes closed, Rarity tossed and turned before finally settling on a position comfortable enough for her.

Before getting too relaxed, Rarity’s eyes shot open upon feeling a sudden impact at the end of the sofa by her hind legs. Never one to be aware of her older sister’s desire for personal space, Sweetie Belle hopped up on the sofa and plopped right next to her side. “Yes, I agree!” Sweetie Belle nestled herself into a comfortable groove before closing her own eyes, all the while being completely oblivious to how much annoyance she caused.

Too tired to protest, Rarity adjusted herself again to make room for them both. Memories of last year’s Sisterhooves Social were always quick to pop into her head whenever she began thinking too much about herself. Such self-centered thinking once drove Sweetie Belle to renounce her as a sister! The mere thought of repeating that experience spooked Rarity from ever getting too carried away with her own desires.

A voice unexpectedly broke the calm silence that the two Unicorns were sharing. “Um, hello? Is anypony home?” Fluttershy said as she crept into the room.

The sofa-groove that Sweetie Belle made broke once Rarity got up to greet her friend. “Fluttershy! Yes, we’re here. Sorry for not being more attentive to the door. Sweetie Belle and I have been busting our tails all day cleaning out our storage closet, and we’re simply exhausted. Would you like something to drink?”

“Oh, no thank you. I’m fine. Actually, I didn’t come by myself.” Fluttershy turned to reveal Twilight Sparkle with Apple Bloom riding on her back.

“Mind if we join you?” Twilight said.

“Not at all!” Rarity looked almost offended by the question.

Apple Bloom peered over Twilight’s head so she could make herself visible to Sweetie Belle, who remained on the sofa. “Hey Sweetie Belle! We’re here!”

Abandoning the idea of recreating her perfect sofa groove, Sweetie Belle finally hopped off the cushions and trotted over to the others. “What brings you ponies by?”

“Well,” Twilight lowered her head allowing Apple Bloom to hop off, “we came by because we’re looking for Scootaloo. Have you seen her?

“Why, yes, actually. She was here a little bit ago,” Rarity said.

“She was here? Where’d she go?” Apple Bloom said.

“She left to go to that little hill just outside Ponyville to meet with Rainbow Dash. Probably to talk about their big day tomorrow,” Sweetie Belle said.

A look of alarm washed over all the search party. They exchanged concerned looks with each other before Fluttershy spoke first, “We’re probably too late.”

Always one to detest being left out of the circle, Rarity stepped forward. “Late for what? What’s the matter?”

Expressions of pain began showing on Apple Bloom and Fluttershy. Neither pony could break the news. Twilight wore a disappointed look, but she was able to find her voice. “Well, Fluttershy found out that Rainbow Dash won’t be able to join Scootaloo tomorrow for the Sisterhooves Social. It turns out one of the Wonderbolts saw what a terrific flyer she is and invited her to practice with them on the same day,” she said.

“What?!” Rarity and Sweetie Belle said in unison.

For a moment, no pony spoke. It was just too strange to process. Behavior like this was not at all typical of Rainbow Dash. Aside from occasional ego trip, her loyalty was her defining quality as a friend. Twilight would never forget when she first came to Ponyville and witnessed Rainbow Dash’s fidelity. The so-called “Shadowbolts” offered her a position as their captain, but in order to join she had to abandon her friends. Without hesitation, she refused to do so. I’d never leave my friends hanging. Twilight carried those words close to her heart as she and Rainbow Dash became closer friends. Reasonable ponies would agree that emergencies would justify not participating in the Sisterhooves Social, but did training with a Wonderbolt count as one?

The answer was no, and everypony knew it.

The front door to the Carousel Boutique burst open with Twilight jumping forward. “C’mon girls, we need to find Scootaloo!” With that, the search party headed toward the tiny hill.

Here I am. Alone. Sister-less. Tears continued streaking down Scootaloo’s face. Was it something I said? Or did? Is this my fault? What could I have done differently?

Hours had gone by since Rainbow Dash left Scootaloo on the hill. There she remained even as the night sky enveloped her in darkness. Only the lights from the stars above provided any sort of glow for her to see. I’ve been sister-less my whole entire life. Why does it suddenly hurt so much more now?

A nasty little voice in her head answered: Because “she” turned you down.

This kind of rejection was unlike any Scootaloo had faced before. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle had rejected invitations to play with her in the past, but their refusals never resulted in anything more than her getting bummed out. Now she entered into a realm of pain that she could never have imagined for herself. She was so close to having the best flyer in Equestria as her sister.

Scootaloo sat on that thought: The best flyer in Equestria…

Maybe that’s it. I can’t fly. She much rather spend time with ponies who can fly. Wonderbolts no less! That makes sense. Why would the coolest Pegasus ever want to enter a contest with a no-fly loser like me? How in Celestia’s name am I supposed to compete with a Wonderbolt? No wonder she ditched me.

Despite the on-again, off-again flow of crying since Rainbow Dash left, Scootaloo now began to cry real hard. Her newfound hatred for herself over not being able to fly pushed her into a state of pure suffering. Without consciously doing so, Scootaloo curled up into a ball on the grass where she continued to weep.


Though her eyes were blurred by the stream of tears, she could see a group of ponies approaching. They didn’t look like they were walking either; they were running. Soon she could see what colors they were: one purple, two bright yellow ones, and two white ones. A few seconds later, there was no mistaking who these ponies were.

Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle came charging up the hill. Together they formed a circle around Scootaloo, who remained in a balled position.

“I’m so glad we found you! Are you alright?” Twilight said.

She gave no answer. Instead, Scootaloo raised her head and looked up toward the sky. The moonlight reflected onto her tears making them visible to the others. Even though they expected her to be sad, actually seeing Scootaloo in pain caused everypony to take a step back. Here was a young filly, who throughout the week had carried with her a winning attitude, who was now a shadow of her former self.

Twilight continued to engage. “Scootaloo, we know what happened. We know what Rainbow Dash did. Please, come with us back to my library. You can ride on my back.”

Under normal circumstances Scootaloo would have no problem climbing aboard, but she felt too drained emotionally and physically to even move properly. Her movement was so slow that her head wobbled once she sat up. The sudden head rush made her feel dizzy, so she allowed herself to fall back onto the ground. Twilight looked at Fluttershy and Rarity and motioned them to help. Together they lifted Scootaloo off the ground and positioned her onto Twilight’s back. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle could hardly recognize their friend during the process. Never had they ever seen her so saddened.

As they journeyed back to the library, Twilight could feel an unusual heaviness to Scootaloo. Each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders roughly weighed the same, but now Scootaloo was pure deadweight. To think that Rainbow Dash of all ponies was responsible for this was incomprehensible. Twilight occasionally looked back to see Scootaloo’s condition. Her eyes were closed, but tears were still silently running down her face.

Twilight’s frustration grew with every tear drop she felt on her back. Rainbow Dash. You’ve got to answer for this.

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