• Published 29th Dec 2012
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Big Sister Rainbow - Nova Force

Scootaloo wants to participate in the Sisterhooves Social, so she decides to ask Rainbow Dash to be her sister! Will Rainbow Dash make the commitment, or will an opportunity to hang out with the Wonderbolts interfere with Scootaloo's plans?

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Wonderbolts Take Notice

Everypony was gathered around the campfire Big Mac and Granny Smith had set up outside. Twilight and her friends enjoyed the various ways one could roast a marshmallow as demonstrated by Pinkie Pie, who had appeared out of nowhere with an enormous bag filled with the best marshmallows from Sugarcube Corner. In all her years of living on the farm, Granny Smith was mightily impressed with Pinkie’s innovative roasting techniques. At the moment, Pinkie was showing her friends an unusual, deer-antler shaped stick she used to hold her marshmallows.

“See? You have to hold it over the fire like this…” Pinkie was dangling the stick directly above the fire while standing on one hoof.

“I swear child,” Granny began, “You never cease to amaze me.”

“Thanks, Granny! Trust me, holding the marshmallows like this is the best way to get the outside crunchy but keep the inside gooey.” Pinkie was now rotating her body, instead of the stick, in a circle to make sure the fire roasted the marshmallow equally.

As the others marveled at Pinkie’s innovative roasting, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell couldn’t help but wonder how the situation was with Scootaloo. Together they walked away from the campfire so they could speak privately.

Sweetie Belle turned to Apple Bloom, “How do you think it’s going with Scootaloo?”

“I’m not sure. I really hope Rainbow Dash says ‘yes’,” Apple Bloom said.

“She’s just got to! It would mean so much to her. And who knows? Since Scootaloo looks up to Rainbow Dash so much, maybe spending time with her at the Sisterhooves Social will help her get her Cutie Mark,” Sweetie Belle said as she enjoyed the thought of seeing Scootaloo earning her Cutie Mark.

“I don’t know about that. You didn’t get yours when you and Rarity played in the competition together.”

“That’s because I didn’t know it was her until after it was over! The whole time I thought I was playing with Applejack. If I had known Rarity was with me instead, I could have looked forward to the weekend so much more because I would have known I was with my own sister.”

Just then, Applejack and Rarity snuck up on their little sisters. “What’er you little ones doing over here? Pinkie’s whipped up these great marshmallows,” Applejack said.

“Oh, we didn’t want to break Pinkie’s concentration, so we came over here to talk. We’re getting anxious about Scootaloo asking Rainbow Dash to the Social,” Sweetie Belle said.

“I’m sure she will accept,” Rarity said. “Rainbow Dash has always loved playing games and winning.”

Apple Bloom looked up at Applejack, “Yeah, but has Rainbow Dash ever said anything to you all about wanting a sister?”

Rarity and Applejack both looked at each other for an answer. After a few moments, both of them had to admit that they never heard her once say anything of the sort. “To be honest, no, not ever,” Applejack said.

“Then what’s Scootaloo going to do if she says ‘no’?” Sweetie Belle said.

“Even though she hasn’t said anything to us about having a sister, that doesn’t mean she’s never wondered what it must be like to have one. Surely she has seen how much Applejack and I love the two of you. I still remain confident that Raindow Dash will gladly receive the invitation. After all, Scootaloo is a perfectly wonderful little pony. Maybe she can show Rainbow Dash what it means…” Rarity looked directly at Sweetie Belle and smiled, “…to have a sister.”

“Rarity’s right,” Applejack said looking at Apple Bloom, “Rainbow Dash likes to talk tough and be all independent, but she’s also a very loyal friend. She possesses the Harmony Element of Loyalty for Celestia’s sake! She’s friends with Scootaloo, and I know she doesn’t let her friends down.”

“Gosh I hope you’re right…” Apple Bloom said lowering her head.

Suddenly, a voice from nearby called out to all the pony sisters. “Hey you guys! Are you gonna have some of these delicious, roasted marshmallows or what? Don’t tell me I have to eat them all!” Pinkie Pie called out as she was now holding two deer-antler shaped sticks with marshmallows attached. The other ponies were stuffing their faces – apparently Pinkie’s marshmallows really were all she cracked them up to be.

“Alright, we’re coming!” Applejack said back to Pinkie. She turned back to face Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. “Listen you two, don’t worry about little ole Scootaloo. We already know Rainbow Dash has taken a liking to her, so she’ll be fine.”

They began walking back to the fire. Rarity and Applejack were in front, while their little sisters brought up the rear. Sweetie Belle whispered to Apple Bloom, “I sure hope your sister’s right about Rainbow Dash.”

Back inside Granny Smith’s kitchen, Rainbow Dash was listening to Scootaloo talk about how awesome Cheerilee’s lesson on honeytrees was in school. On some level, Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but get the feeling that Scootaloo was stalling.

“I mean, honeytrees really are something. I had no idea that you could eat their leaves during springtime when they’re freshly grown. How cool is that? Isn’t nature rad? I’m going to see if maybe we can get a garden going exclusively for honeytrees right here in Ponyville! I know they’re hard to grow, but we can do it if we work together,” Scootaloo said.

Even though she had rehearsed this scenario in hear head countless times, Scootaloo got too wrapped up in the moment trying to force the situation. This wasn’t natural; it was contrived. She worried that Rainbow Dash would notice and think she was crazy.

Before she could say anything more, Rainbow Dash interrupted saying, “Yeah, honeytrees are cool, but weren’t you going to ask me something?”

Scootaloo looked into Rainbow Dash’s eyes. She knew this was the moment. Without thinking about it anymore, Scootaloo began to ask her question. “Yeah, sorry. Here’s what I wanted to know. This weekend is the Sisterhooves Social. You know, the thing were a bunch of sisters get together and play games? I’ve always heard Apple Bloom talk about how much fun she has with Applejack, and last year Sweetie Belle did it with Rarity. It seems like a lot of fun. Well, Cheerilee said this year they’re allowing fillies who don’t have a sister to participate if they have a friend who is close enough to being a sister and… uh, I was thinking if you don’t have any plans…” There was a pause. Scootaloo took a gulp. “Will you be my sister for the Sisterhooves Social?”

There was another pause. Scootaloo had the feeling that all time suddenly stood still in Equestria. The request was out there. Nothing could take it back.

Rainbow Dash tilted her head to the side and just looked at Scootaloo. She wasn’t expecting that. After another pause she straightened up her head and smiled. “Why of course I’ll be your sister! That sounds like fun!”

Scootaloo’s mind exploded. She said yes! Rainbow Dash said yes! I’m going to have a sister! Rainbow Dash is going to be my sister! Her heart started pumping wildly as the adrenaline began flowing through her body. She jumped into the air and threw her arms around Rainbow Dash. “Awesome! Thank you so much! This is going to be great!”

Rainbow Dash laughed and returned the hug. “Yeah, it’ll be awesome for sure. We just got to make sure we win this thing, alright?”

Scootaloo let go of her new “sister” and looked up at her. “Oh, you bet. We’re going to smoke the competition.”

“That’s what I like to hear!” Rainbow Dash began to walk with Scootaloo out of the kitchen and headed towards the campfire outside. “Now whad’ya say we celebrate and tell the others about this, eh sister?”

Hearing Rainbow Dash refer to her as “sister” erased all the negative feelings Scootaloo had ever experienced in her life. She was now in a state of pure joy. “Sounds good to me, sister!”

For the rest of the evening all of the ponies enjoyed Pinkie Pie’s marshmallows and the news of Rainbow Dash agreeing to be Scootaloo’s sister for the weekend. Miles away back in Cloudsdale, two Wonderbolts were walking along one of the flight-deck training areas.

“What’s on your mind, Soarin’?” Spitfire said.

The athletic colt looked up into the sky. “I was thinking… You know that one Pegasus with the rainbow mane who helps out with the summer flight camp?”

“The one who saved us last year at The Best Young Flyer’s Competition? Yeah, she’s cool. Why?”

“I saw her earlier today perform a double helix for the new pegasi students. She’s a real good flyer. I was thinking about asking her to come practice flying with us this weekend.”

“That sounds like a great idea. We could use some more ponies who can keep up with us during training,” Spitfire then puffed up and spoke with exaggerated authority, “As captain of the Wonderbolts, you have my permission.”

Soarin’ laughed. “Thanks captain, I’ll ask her the next time I see her.”

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