• Published 29th Dec 2012
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Big Sister Rainbow - Nova Force

Scootaloo wants to participate in the Sisterhooves Social, so she decides to ask Rainbow Dash to be her sister! Will Rainbow Dash make the commitment, or will an opportunity to hang out with the Wonderbolts interfere with Scootaloo's plans?

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The Wonderbolt Invitation

The same day Twilight invited Scootaloo and the others over to her library, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were helping at the Cloudsdale summer flight camp. Once again a crowd of young Pegasi gathered around one of the flight decks, and they were completely captivated by Rainbow Dash’s flying. As she zipped and zoomed through the sky, Fluttershy had the task of remaining on the ground to make sure the Pegasi paid attention to the flying demonstration. Fortunately for her, Rainbow Dash’s gift for flight made the job simple; not a single Pegasi could resist watching in awe.

The Pegasi noticed that Rainbow Dash had suddenly stopped flying and hovered midair. Almost as fast as she took off, Rainbow Dash hurdled herself down toward the ground. She showed no signs of slowing down the closer she got. From the looks of it, Rainbow Dash was going to crash right into the students! Many of the Pegasi braced for impact expecting the worst, but it never came. Instead of witnessing a flying demonstration gone badly, the Pegasi looked up to see their instructor in perfect condition.

With her eyes closed and a grin on her face, Rainbow Dash was able to halt and hover delicately mere inches off the ground. The Pegasi erupted into applause as Rainbow Dash finally touched the ground.

Fluttershy did not share in the applause. I hate it when she does moves like that. So dangerous. She could clearly see, however, that she was the only pony who held this opinion.

After a healthy round of applause, Rainbow Dash addressed her students. “Aaand that concludes today’s lesson! Tomorrow, I want everypony to be able to complete their individual routines. So practice, practice, practice! Any questions?”

One Pegasus shot her hoof into the air. “Are you going to teach us how to do a Sonic Rainboom?”

Another Pegasus jumped above the crowd. “Yeah! And can we practice with the Wonderbolts?”

Rainbow Dash started to laugh. “Whoa, whoa! Slow down guys. We need a lot more practice if we’re to do either of those things. One step at a time! What’s important for you is to complete your routines.” Rainbow Dash scanned the crowd once over. “Well, if nopony has any more questions, then please follow Fluttershy as she’ll take you all to the Cloudsdale Cafeteria for lunch!”

“Follow me, everypony.” Fluttershy led the crowd over to the cafeteria, leaving Rainbow Dash alone on the flight deck.

Seizing the moment alone, Rainbow Dash rocketed back up into the air. She took the free time to practice her own flying technique. Before long, she began thinking of the young Pegasus who asked her about performing a Sonic Rainboom – it suddenly occurred to her that she had not made one in a while. Gosh, it has been some time since I last pulled one off. No biggie. I’ve done it before multiple times, so I got nothing to prove. Still, I don’t want to disappoint the students…

Suddenly a voice from below called out to her. “Hey there!”

Rainbow Dash stopped midflight. I recognize that voice. It can’t be! She turned to see where the shout came from and, sure enough, there was the Wonderbolt stallion, Soarin’.

“Can you come down here? I’d like to ask you something!” he said.

Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh! Rainbow Dash’s mind raced so hard she could hardly fly straight. She began her descent down to the flight deck. Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh!

When she touched down she made every effort to control her excitement. Unfortunately, when she tried to speak, she let out a squeak, “Hi!” Rainbow Dash had spent time with them before, but there was something about the Wonderbolts – Soarin’ especially – that kindled a giddy sensation for her.

“Those were some nice moves you did for the students just now,” he said.

“You… were… watching?” Rainbow Dash could not believe her ears. I’m so glad I didn’t know that he was! I don’t think I could’ve done half of what I did knowing he was watching.

“Yeah, you’re pretty good!” Soarin’ reared onto his hind legs to emphasize his sincerity. Before Rainbow Dash could say another word, Soarin’ continued. “Hey, listen, the other Wonderbolts and I were wondering what you’re doing this weekend.”

Rainbow Dash’s mind went blank. “Who…me?”

“Yes, you! We’ve seen you around Cloudsdale helping out with the flight camp. You definitely are a natural flyer. Not every Pegasus pony can fly like you. Some Pegasi don’t care much for flying at all.”

Rainbow Dash quickly thought of Fluttershy.

“But the good news is that you do. It shows,” he said. “And the truth is it’s getting harder for us Wonderbolts to train because there are so few ponies who can keep pace with us. We’re looking for somepony who can offer us a new style, and you’ve absolutely got style.”

Unbeknownst to her, Rainbow Dash’s cheeks were now flushed red. Is this really happening?

Up until this point, Soarin’ was speaking quite professionally as a spokespony for the Wonderbolts. Now, though, Rainbow Dash noticed the formality drop in his tone when he said, “Besides, I think it would be great if you came. You seem really cool.”

Without even thinking, Rainbow Dash blurted out, “You got it!”

Soarin’s expression lit up. “Awesome! That’s great to hear.” Seeing the genuine happiness from Soarin’ made Rainbow Dash’s heart melt. Gosh he’s cute when he smiles!

“Well then, Ms. Rainbow Dash,” Soarin’ began. Hearing him refer to her as “Miss” sent a jolt throughout her body. He went on, “I guess I’ll see you this weekend. Meet me here on this flight deck after lunch. Then we’ll fly over to where the other Wonderbolts and I train.”

“Sounds great!” she said. This is going to be the best weekend ever!

The professionalism returned to Soarin’s tone. “Alright then! Well, I hate to cut it short, but I got to go tell Spitfire and the others. They’re going to love flying with you this weekend. Talk to you soon, Rainbow Dash.” Before taking flight, Soarin’ shot her a quick wink which made her heart skip a beat.

Just then Soarin’ exploded into the air leaving behind him a trail of smoke and lightning – a Wonderbolt trademark. Mere moments ago Rainbow Dash was concluding a flying demonstration for her students. Now she had accepted an invitation to train privately with the best flyers in Equestria! The adrenaline was coursing through her veins. Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh!

In the midst of all the excitement, Rainbow Dash did not notice Fluttershy return from escorting the Pegasi to the cafeteria. Fluttershy looked up into the sky eyeing the dissolving trail of smoke and lightning. She could clearly see Rainbow Dash’s state of elation. “What happened here? Did you get to talk with a Wonderbolt?” she said.

“Fluttershy, you will not believe what just happened!” Rainbow Dash was jumping in place. “Soarin’ saw me earlier teaching the Pegasi some moves, and he was so impressed that he invited me to train with him and the other Wonderbolts this weekend! He even said I had style! Gah!”

Fluttershy did a double take. “Wait, he invited you to train for this weekend?”

Rainbow Dash was still jumping, “That’s right! He wants me to meet him here so then we can fly together to the super-top-secret area where the Wonderbolts train. I wonder if I should bring anything. No, probably not. Gosh, I need to practice real hard between now and then if I’m going to impress Soarin’ and the others. I’ll have to…”

Fluttershy had to interrupt. “Rainbow Dash, what about Scootaloo and the Sisterhooves Social?”

In an instant, the immense flow of energy and excitement Rainbow Dash was building up vanished. She stopped jumping. Her eyes widened with every second of realization that passed and her mouth dropped open in the incredibility of it all. It was as if she had fallen from Cloudsdale with no wings or parachute and crash landed into the ground below.

Her shocked expression told Fluttershy everything, but she refused to believe it. “Oh no, please don’t tell me you forgot. Rainbow, please don’t tell me that you did. Did you?” In the pit of her stomach, Fluttershy knew Rainbow Dash did indeed forget.

“Fluttershy…” Rainbow Dash could barely find her voice, “w-what am I going to do?”

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