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After a long day with the Weather Ponies, Rainbow Dash flies home to hang with her favorite filly. At home, spending time with her, she reflects on a few of the biggest moments of their past year together.

Just a cute one-shot.

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So fuching awesome :pinkiecrazy::scootangel:

Sorry I wanted to use this:rainbowkiss: not this:pinkiecrazy:

2176546 Heh, change in face makes me feel safer now :P

fly the jumpsuit off them eh? :trixieshiftright:
good story couldent help the mind in gutter its been there since i was 13 xD

Hah, didn't even think about that until you said something... Guess I'm just too innocent :scootangel:

The judges looked back and forth at each other, before Cheerilee used her magic to raise the mayor's voice about the crowd

Earth Ponies don't have that type of magic! Get it right!

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