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I'm back 4 years later to apologize to everyone who read my stories this is really fucking cringeworthy lmao


After the events of Portal 2, GLaDOS takes up a new hobby. Testing ponies.
Pinkie Pie breaks the Fourth Wall, bringing them to this universe where ponies are tested at Celestial Science. Will they survive testing and make it to the cake? Oh, and Chell is here too!
I am not as good at Portal, as I am at Minecraft, so let's see where this goes.
P.S. You need to have played Portal 1 and 2 or you will be incredibly confuzzled!

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So, for those of you who are my followers, you might remember a blog post I made a few days ago. It had a story idea about Pinkie Pie breaking the Fourth Wall so much that the universe blew up. That story idea, somehow turned into this.

Ohhhh, I hate reading unfinished fanfics, but I just NEED to read this. I'll be back when I'm done!

Ok, the story is good, but the way it written, it seems to go a bit too... fast.
Things just happen to quickly.

Also, I didn't really get this bit. ' "I think I can answer that." Rainbow said. She cleared her throat. "He probably drifted too close to Equestria's atmosphere, and fell. As to how he survived that fall? HE'S MAGICAL!" '

But the story is good, I'm currently doing a Portal/Pony fic too. Good job!

well this is a good story :moustache:

this crossover is now 20% coo,ler


of course it is legit:pinkiehappy:

this might be kind've a problem because if chell survived and is still there then something is not right

but its still pretty good

1832193 How is something not right if Chell survived? At the end of Portal 2 GLaDOS let Chell go, because she was too hard to kill.

yes but why is she back in the facility

in the end she leaves for good>>1833146

in the end of the game to be exact

1833189 How can i explain what I was thinking? For the ponies, it's an alternate universe, and for the Portal characters they were teleported there for no real reason, and Chell just happened to be teleported to Celestia science. Make sense? Doesn't quite make sense to me...

1833221 if it doesn't make sense to you it doesn't make sense at all

but ok then whatever you say

ps. make ratman appear

you know the guy who freed shell and was the origonal test subject

if you didn't know look him up on youtube type in

portal 2 ratman 1833391

1833406 1. If by guy, you mean Wheatly?

2. you spelled Chell, shell.

1833422 thanks for telling me about my mispells and when say guy i mean a human not that wheatley i literally mean an actual living human

he is also a rumor in portal 1& 2 where you can find his secret dens

1833458 now your getting who im talking about

>> :D Maybe I will include him. But idk.

1831633 Fast? The Sonic Rainboom is fast! Sorry, was thinking about that all day.

I can't leave you guys hanging like that. Expect another chapter tonight.

These are quite short.
Good story, though. :pinkiehappy:

1838463 I dislike writing long chapters. But thanks bro, I try. :scootangel:

1838488 Your chapters are about my length, actually. I keep mine around 500 words, and sometimes 1000 if I'm in a creative mood.

I don't know if I want to find out what happens next


1841030 First is the worst, second is the best.

me before reading:

me when reading comments:
no worries,i finished the games anyway

me when tipeing this
epic story dude

1842077 Thank you very much! No offense, but your lack of capitalization is bugging me xD

Oh god... I needed to share this with you guys.

Oh,ok.Im kind of new at tiping,and im not used to putting caps after every sentence.

1846912 And there are no spaces in that first sentence you just typed.xD

umm... a few things so far, although I do really, REALLY, enjoy the story,
1. It's Wheatley (not Wheatly)
2. It's REALLY fast paced.
But, yeah, it's still a really good story, though!:pinkiehappy:



pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew:pinkiegasp





Head should roll if not this is dissapointing

They rode it up to a room, where there were eight beds waiting for them. Too bad one of them would be empty that night.

Too BAD? I WAS HAPPY :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:


I knew someday Pinkie's abilities would get the mane 6 into trouble

Hey i know you like short chapters. I do too. but could you make the stories longer?

1911106 Absolutely not:flutterrage:. Just kidding. Depends on if I feel like I can make it longer. And there is a sequel to this as well.

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