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Luna Plays Minecraft

I'm back 4 years later to apologize to everyone who read my stories this is really fucking cringeworthy lmao


When Lalna's thumb slips while holding the remote to the nuke under Rythian's castle, the explosion opens a portal. A strange, swirly, rainbow portal. It takes them to Equestria, and leaves them there as ponies. Will they learn the magic of friendship, or strangle each other before they have the chance? Is this just some cruel joke for Princess Luna's entertainment? The world may never know...
Takes place in my Rainbow Dash and Vinyl Scratch universe, but before Feelin' Princessy.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 5 )

Would be better if the chapters were longer.

Seems a bit random and rushed.

2760318 I think all of my stories are random and rushed :trollestia: Plus, I was half asleep when I wrote those first two chapters.

It's a bit ooc for rythian to call peo- ponies fools...


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