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I'm back 4 years later to apologize to everyone who read my stories this is really fucking cringeworthy lmao


Sequel to My Little Portal- Friendship is Science.
Fluttershy is the last of the mane six, and before she dies, she hears something terrible. A new place called Celestial Science is being built in Canterlot. Such a shame the mane six wont be there to stop it.
Wheatley now has to help the mares who were once the Cutie Mark Crusaders escape, or help them get revenge.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 22 )

What do ya think of it?
I wonder why they allow you to like your own story... NOT that I did that...:twilightsheepish:

so far this is awsome i am loving it

cool. i am now 3000% sure of it

Please don't make scoots die she's my favorite CMC:scootangel:

1854173 Come back in a half hour and find out what happens. Working on the next chapter right now.

1854196 Or maybe a little later... I've got a lot planned for the next chapter.

1854302 Ok, it's up. Enjoy the insane case of Dejavu from portal 2.

Cliffhanger ending:flutterrage:.The CMC couldn't have died from the lift fall, because Chell sure survived it!

"Now, let's go replace good turrets with crap turrets!" He cheered.

lol crap turrets

oh i see what you did there

They do it so you can try to forget that you DID fav your own story and it makes you feel good to know theres antother like.

Wheatly needs to see a theripist about getting mad at ponies when a bodiless robot insulted him.


It needs to be: Wheatley

2643733 I know, at some point I need to go fix that.

"You're joking. You've gotta be. I can't believe my ears."
lol, I see what you did there. A line from "The Wheatley Song."

THE REFERENCE. *fangasm* Also...

"Alright. I spose anything is better than testing." Applebloom said, and followed him, and so did the other girls.

spose Spose SPOSE

Motherbucker, I'm awesome *shades*

Oh god. The deja vu! me like...hehehehehe...

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