• Published 24th Dec 2012
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My Little Portal 2 - Celestial Science - Luna Plays Minecraft

Sequel to My Little Portal- Friendship is Science. Before Fluttershy dies, she hears some disturbing news. Celestial Science is being built in her world. It's a shame the mane six won't be there to stop it.

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The Portal Guns

"Okay so I think we need to go through here, and then... The door is locked. Alright, I need to hack it so... Look away."
The three mares heard a lot of banging, and when they turned back the door was on the ground, and Wheatly was looking tired. "Hacked."

"Okay, there it is, the portal gun storage room." Wheatly told the three mares. They looked at him. "What?" He asked.

"You want us to go in there. With fifty turrets." Applebloom asked him.

"Well, they are quite expensive... But if you're scared you can still leave." Wheatly said.

"NO!" They said simultaneously.

"SHHHHHHHHH! The turrets can hear.... sort of...."

"Sort of?" Scootaloo asked.


"Care to elaborate?"

"Nope. Now, you can try to sneak behind them, but you will probably be noticed. Maybe use the unicorn as a weapon?"

"You could have just said my name."

"No, because you were rude, like your sister was, and didn't tell me what it is." I only remembered them as the cutie mark catastrophes.

"Oh. Well i'm Sweetiebelle, that's Applebloom, and that's Scootaloo."

"I was being sarcastic."


"So, maybe you can send Scooty in there, and if she flies, the turrets might not see her."

"Quit talking about us in third person!" Applebloom snapped.

"Quit telling me what to do!" Wheatly snapped back.

"Scooty?" Scootaloo asked, not liking the nickname.

"SHUT UP!" Sweetiebelle yelled. Everyone stared at her. "Now I agree that Scootaloo should go, because she doesn't have a family as far as we know."

"What the hay, Sweetie?" Scoots asked.

"Ah also agree." Applebloom said. Scoots glared at her.

"FINE!" She yelled and took to the air. She soared over the turrets, and grabbed a box of portal guns.

"Okay just... BE CAREFUL! You don't wanna know what happened to the last guy who used a broken portal gun" Wheatly told her. She growled, and set the box of portal guns down next to him. "Good! Oh, there's only three."

"What? Well i'm not going back in there." Scootaloo told him.

"Well then... I suppose we just have to do this... DIBS!" Wheatly yelled.



"Awww!" Sweetie complained.

"Don't worry, Twilight didn't get to use the portal gun either... and if you're anything like Rarity, you wouldn't be aloud to use it anyways." Wheatly told her.

"Now, let's go replace good turrets with crap turrets!" He cheered.

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