• Published 24th Dec 2012
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My Little Portal 2 - Celestial Science - Luna Plays Minecraft

Sequel to My Little Portal- Friendship is Science. Before Fluttershy dies, she hears some disturbing news. Celestial Science is being built in her world. It's a shame the mane six won't be there to stop it.

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The New Test Subjects

20 years after the incident...

"Hello test subject! You have been in suspension for 9.9999999999 years." A voice said. What? Where am I? Scootaloo asked herself. Then it all came back to her. The mane six went missing, and only Fluttershy returned, telling everyone that the other girls were dead. Rainbow Dash was dead. Her idle. After that, Scootaloo decided to test at the new place called Celestial Science. The other cutie mark crusaders went with her. More memories came back. They tested, and it was deadly. The AI called herself GLaDOS, and threatened them with turrets and Neurotoxin if they did not test. Please, no more testing! The door opened, and there stood Applebloom and Sweetiebelle.

"Oh Scoots, thank goodness you're alright!" Applebloom said, and hugged her friend.

"Same to you girls." Scootaloo replied. Just then, a wite pony with a blue and white mane walked in. He wore somehing around his chest that resembled a core.

"AHHHH A ROBOT!" Sweetie shrieked.

"SHHHHH! She doesn't know i'm here yet. I'm going to help you escape." He said with an odd accent.

"Who are you?" Applebloom asked.

"My name is Wheatly. Trust me, I can help. Follow me." He told them. Why does that name sound familiar?

"Alright. I spose anything is better than testing." Applebloom said, and followed him, and so did the other girls.

"Um, alright i'm gonna hack the door..." He said. "I can't do it when you're looking." The girls loooked the other way as Wheatly 'hacked' the door. "There. Hacked."

"Wait a minute, doesn't that door lead to the test chambers?" Scootaloo asked.

"No, that's the door across the hall." he said pointing a hoof at the open door. "This leads to the old Neurotoxin generator. They had an exit put in there for if it got a leak." Wheatly said, leading them through the door.

"Why did they shut it down?" Sweetie asked.

"It broke. Whole place filled with Neurotoxin and they had to abandon it." Wheatly replied.

"Then aren't we in danger?!" Scootaloo exclaimed.

"Nah. That happened a few years ago. They only built a new one because this one was not very nice." He told her. "By the way, I was just wondering why you all have the same mark on your flanks."

"Our cutie marks? I don't know. Everypony who comes here gets the same one. An orange portal on one side, blue on the other. Don't you know that?" he shook his head.

"I don't usually talk with the test subjects, but I recognize you three. The cutie mark crusaders test subjects. How's that working out for you?"

"Terrible." They all said. He chuckled.

"At least you're all still alive. I remember a few tests in, and Twilight was already dead." He told them.

"You knew Twilight? Was applejack there too?" Applebloom asked.

"And Rainbow Dash?" Scoots added.

"Yes. Let's see if I remember all of their names... Rarity, extremely whiny and annoying. Applejack, got stuck in the vents and fell to her death. *chuckle* Rainbow Dash, one of the last to die. She destroyed GLaDOS with a sonic rainboom, and snapped her neck in the process. Pinkie Pie was lost to a turret, as was Rarity. and Chell died in the fire." All three mares looked at him in horror.

"And you're the one who Fluttershy saved." Scootaloo finished. Wheatly nodded.

"Yes, the one pony who did not drive me crazy. She also convinced the others not to leave me behind."

"Oh poor Fluttershy... She had to see all of them die?" Sweetiebelle asked.

"Yea. She kept having nightmares after that. Sometimes she would forget what happened and go to see one of her friends. It was so sad when she got sick." Wheatly said.

"But I thought you were a core. Why are you a pony now?" Scootaloo asked.

"After Fluttershy died, I wanted revenge on GLaDOS. I had the nanobots build me a body, and here I am. And here is the exit. I would run pretty fast, because the alarm sounds when you open the door."

"But we can't leave now. We gotta destroy GLaDOS!" Scootaloo told him.

"You're joking. You've gotta be. I can't believe my ears."

"We have too! She killed mah sister!" Applebloom insisted.

"And Mine!"

"And Rainbow Dash!"

"And she'll kill you too if you don't leave. There is no cake, or prize at the end. Only an incinerator!" Wheatly snapped. "You're still not leaving are you?" They shook their heads. He sighed. "Listen, I was about to replace the turrets with defective ones. If you help me do that without getting noticed, I'll help you defeat HER."

"Okay!" The three mares cheered.

"SHHHH! Since you've been asleep for... Quite a long time, I'll tell you about what you missed. As usual, GLaDOS killed the scientists. I'm not sure, but I think she has one of the princesses testing as well. Even though GLaDOS was just built around twenty years ago, she still remembers everything from before then. She has thousands of ponies captured for testing. I only hope we can save them all." He said, and began leading them to the newer part of Celestial Science.

"It's actually quite interesting how they built this place. The whole facility is inside of the mountain. GLaDOS changed it so it's just like the original Aperture Science." Wheatly told them.

"Aperture Science?" Sweetiebelle asked.

"It's like Celestial Science, but it's on a planet called earth. That is where me and GLaDOS come from. Oh, how my life would be so much easier if I had fingers... Anyways, first thing we need to do is get some portal guns."

"Why don't you have one already?" Scootaloo asked.

"You think I would go there? The place where the portal guns are stored is the most guarded place in the entire facility! But you mares, on the other hoof, are the perfect ponies to go and sneak into it." The three mares gulped.

Pic on Deviantart of what Wheatly looks like.
Wheatly As Pony

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