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"If you write one story, it may be bad; if you write a hundred, you have the odds in your favor." - Edgar Rice Burroughs


Once every couple of months Applejack takes a week away from the farm to deliver a large order of apples to Manehatten.

Coincidentally, Rarity is in Manehatten at the same time, showing off her new range of fashion accessories as part of Hoity Toities new summer line. At the opening night party she notices a very familiar looking pony among the crowd.
Could it really be Applejack? The Applejack who is so against "All that frilly froo froo stuff!"
Rarity is determined to find out.

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*squee* an Applejack fic! :D

Let the reading COMMENCE

Hm... The premise is interesting, but I hate to say, your formatting makes this unreadable to me.

When you have two lines like this.
With just one lineskip in between.
It's really annoying to read.

Also, the fact that you say "Pinky" as opposed to Pinkie and have AJ say "Sugercube" instead of Sugarcube gives me absolutely no confidence in your spelling.

Have a friend go over this, fix some errors, correct your formatting then try again. The premise was fun and interesting, but your presentation is bad enough as to make me lose interest instantly.

Keep trying!

Seems a bit of a stretch that no one noticed Rarity throwing the drink into AJ's face and AJ jumping out of a window... Some typo's and grammar issues throughout.

Nice idea, don't regret reading it.

Simply a divine story, darling. :ajsmug:

Brava Darling, it was simply marvelous ! :heart: :twilightsmile: :duck:

A few misspells, and a tad confusing on who was speaking. However, it was enjoyable of a read, and deserves mustaches, and likes. Just, I don't like the emotes so just likes.

Ooh, I love it.

You have some grammar problems, but the story overall is fantastic!

Would you mind if I based a story of my own off of it? One about if Applejack never went home and became Tangerine? (Probably would turn out a ship fic to)

As long as you acknowledge the source material, then I have no problem with you writing a story based on this one. :ajsmug:

A good fic, one that I could easily fit within the show's canon, I think. The only thing that was missing, IMHO, was Rarity writing Celestia some sort of friendship report in the end about respecting a friend's right to privacy, which I feel could really help it feel more like an episode.

I wanted to end with a letter. Tried several times but none of them had the right feel to them. So in the end I had to sacrifice the bad letter and just go with the moderate ending.

This should be an episode. :pinkiehappy:

That was a very good story :pinkiehappy: I loved the Premise and I have to agree this would make a wonderful Rarity episode in the canon show :twilightblush: well done and it was a great one shot. :twilightsmile:

This has been on my read list for a while and it was well worth it. Great job!

Oh I like this story. It could almost be an episode all by itself.

This had some amusing gags, humorwise. The end was touching.

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