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Just an MLP supporter with loads of ideas trying to improve my writing through fan fiction!


Action! Drama! Suspense! Morality or the lack thereof! No matter what your taste in television, "The Hoity Toity Show" has what you're looking for! We bring you the dirtiest dirt, the darkest secrets and the most challenging problems of ponies from all over Equestria all orchestrated by our masterful maestro, the sultan of stage and show: Hoity Toity! Watch as Hoity speaks to disgruntled fillies, despairing mares and frustrated stallions, and through his amazing wisdom and wit makes their problems simply vanish into thin air! So don't touch that dial- "The Hoity Toity Show" is up next!

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Okay, this? This was actually pretty funny. I don't suppose you've any plans for a squeal/continuation?

This story is a softer version of Jeremy Kyle.:twilightsmile: I like that:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you liked it! XD But no, I don't have any plans for a sequel or a continuation; it was meant to be a one-shot and it's going to stay that way! (otherwise I run the risk of writing on it for days and days and then it'll be ten million pages long and I'll have myself a novel that meanders and doesn't actually go anywhere... ;-; )

I'm not familiar with Jeremy Kyle, but I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :D

I bloody loved it!!:pinkiehappy:

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