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I'm your average guy who likes FiM. I love the show for its humor and clever writing.


Crossover between My Little Pony: FiM and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The Great and Powerful Trixie is back. The first item on her agenda: Revenge on Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle.

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I remember reading this a few months ago, still excelent story. Tracking.:pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp: It just got real.
Tracking, for sure!


this fanfic! i have been waiting updates for weeks! and still nothing :fluttercry:

Thanks for the support! I decided to bring the story over to FiMfiction because it just hit me that not everyone uses fanfiction.net :facehoof: Better late than never, right? :twilightblush:

108454 Thanks! I'll try to keep things interesting in the chapters to come.

108928 Sorry about that. I hate having to wait for updates when I read fanfics, so I can imagine how you feel. :ajbemused: I'm working on the second chapter, and hopefully it won't take long to finish. With that said, thanks for the review! Knowing that there are people who are waiting for updates really helps keep me motivated on writing.

HOLY CRAP, Quite impressive, wonder where the elements landed

...Did Trixie just kill Twilight's friends? :pinkiegasp:

Odd how you can cross an E-Rated video game with a children's show and end up with a story of murder...

Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z! :pinkiehappy:

Who said they were dead? :rainbowhuh: This story might be influenced by Majora's Mask, but it's still My Little Pony.
Besides, wouldn't it be a bit unbeleivable if all the mane characters were just suddenly removed for no reason whatsoever?

121654 "There was an audible crack as the leg that had been tied in the noose bent at an odd angle under the pony's weight, her whole body twisting as she rolled over, crashed against the pavilion's outer wall, and moved no more." Yeah, if that doesn't sound like death, I will reveal my broniness to a crowd of over a hundred people and post it on YouTube.

Starting out clopping dark, but then again this is Majora's Mask we're talking about. I wonder if Pinkie Pie will use an instrument to turn back time.

I see what you mean. That's still only one pony, though. Regardless, you'll have to wait until the next chapter to see how it turns out. I hope everything becomes clear then :twilightsmile:

I like to think that Majora's Mask was the darkest of all the Zelda games. Most of it wasn't because of the action, but rather by how real and constant the danger seemed compared to the other games. As for the instrument, I could easily see Pinkie Pie doing that, pulling out an instrument and saying she's going to turn back time while everyone else looks at her and assumes she's just being her random self. Then Pinkie Pie looks right at the viewers and smiles :pinkiehappy: Thanks for reviewing, and I hope you look forward to the next chapter!

121778 I know it's only one pony, but when you're reading a story and you see a bunch of ponies 'stop moving', even if it implies just unconsciousness, and then one pony seems to die thanks to the description, you start to wonder if the others were actually just unconscious...

Anyways, thanks for confirming that nopony died. I do look forward to upcoming chapters, even if I'm being nitpicky about wording right now, so don't take my remark as an insult. I really enjoy this story; I just hate it when mane six ponies get killed off, so I tend to be overly paranoid about that kind of thing. :twilightsheepish:



Excellent chapter, keep the good work!

I've honestly never read a fic where a mane character dies. Well, aside from Cupcakes, anyways. :ajbemused: But I know what you mean. Killing off a mane character, especially when it comes out of nowhere, doesn't leave a good impression, in my opinion. But who am I to judge how people write their stories?

This fic is labeled an Adventure-type story, so keep that in mind for future chapters and what might happen in them. And again, thanks for reviewing! No insult taken, and I hope you keep enjoying the story as more of it gets posted. :yay:

Thanks! "Dawn of the First Day" is the next chapter, so keep an eye out for it! Hopefully it won't take as long as this chapter did :twilightsheepish:


I can guess the name of the next chapter, but not the winning numbers of the lottery........

Money is overrated anyways :rainbowlaugh:


"seven days"
Link face when: :twilightangry2:
lol :trollestia:

Me yesterday: :ajsmug: Weo, finaly was able to go back and read this, now to read the others and wait for the next part of thiis.

Me today seeing the hunge new chapter :pinkiegasp:

NOW THIS IS A FANFIC, i've have seen many a fanfic in these past 2 years sinice i discoved fanfics, but this, the rage, the tears, the anarci, this has drawen me in. i see theres more too you then the eye can say, i hope the next chapter gose well and have a fantastic day.

Nice to see this story made it over here. It's easier for me to track and make comments.

Trixie came in and she took no prisoners! Ouch.

Never played Majora's Mask (weird since I've played just about every other Zelda game ever made) so I'm a bit in the dark about some references. However, I don't think I'll have any problems keeping up.

Wonder if the mane 6 will have to plod through dungeons or solve puzzles to get their Elements back. Hope we also get to see Trixie during this time.

Looking forward to more!


to the ponies that never played majora mask, Nintendo said that they would remake it for 3DS is enough people want it, you know what to do...

Having to replay seven days over and over again and having to start each cycle with NO ITEMS :twilightangry2:
Link has officially been introduced to Trollestia :trollestia:

I really don't like to post updates to my fics unless they're about 5,000 words. Some will be longer than that and will take more time to write. That was the case with this chapter. I can easily see most of the next chapters being around the same length, so expect some long updates ahead. Thanks for reading and reviewing, and I hope you look forward to the rest of the story!

Thanks! I'm glad that you're enjoying the story so far, and I hope the rest of the story continues to be just as enjoyable. Keep an eye out for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

123005 Yeah that;s understanndable I'll be sure to read this whne i have time. curest;y reading small...er chapters i have in my list to read to reduce the number in chapters to read.

...in other news i reacnetly have had cake.:pinkiehappy:

...you never can believe of being sick of eating a sweet until it happens (even if it has happened to you before):pinkiesad2:

I posted the story on Fanfiction.net and sent it to Equestria Daily before I knew about FIMFiction.net, so I brought both this and "Of Cupcakes and Rainbows" over to this site. Expect continued updates for both sites.

It looks like Trixie won the first round. But the story is just getting started, so anything can happen.
On a side note, if you've played other Zelda games then don't worry. This story doesn't borrow heavily from Majora's Mask. You could read the story and still understand it perfectly. I would recommend reading up on Majora's Mask on Zeldapeedia to understand more about the gameplay mechanics, story progression, and the actual mask itself. However, if you get the chance to play it, go for it! It's a short and sweet follow up to Ocarina of Time, but it stands alone as an amazing departure from the normal series.

Thanks for reviewing! Keep an eye out for the next chapter update, hopefully sooner than this one. :pinkiehappy:

As Pinkie Pie would say, it wasn't a baked good, it was a "baked bad" :pinkiesick:
I hope you enjoy the chapter once you read it :pinkiehappy:

Couldn't get myself to read the whole chapter. Felt I read the same story a hundred times over.

"I am an evil source of power blah blah blah revengeance blah blah blah forever alone blah blah blah hahaha I'm host now!"
*evil defeated*
*Trixie apologizes*

The End

Have you ever heard that "It's not the destination so much as the journey" that matters? Open a book, read the first part, skip to the end, and you'll more or less have your description of a story for almost anything written with about one or two differences in between. Fanfiction works about the same way. My point is that if you're going to over-analyze a story then of course you're going to find recurring themes at one point or another. I believe TVTropes does a wonderful job of deconstructing just about anything media-related to the point where you can start to see those patterns and second-guess what comes next. But I digress.
While I'm slightly disappointed that you would simply give up on a story after only reading what I consider to be a prologue it's your decision and I have to respect that. I just hope that one day you can see this story as well as many others for the tales they tell and not just because they started or ended on a same note. Otherwise you're bound to be disappointed by everything you read.
Now here's a happy Pinkie Pie for you. :pinkiehappy:


you know, because this is a majora mask crossover, a "character dies but we can go back in time!" scenario is possible :derpyderp1:

Applejack in a wheelchair?
Trixie aware that she is a puppet?
Celestia a tyrant?

Me gusta muchos.

You sick twisted bastard.:twilightangry2: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO APPEJACK??!!:flutterrage:

The aftermath is always tough for characters to get through. Confusion, hurt and fear never help.

I can't imagine that the EofH are going to stick around for long. Elements need to be found!

Wonder how much of Trixie will remain by the end...

Still a compelling read! Till next time!

Gracias! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you like the story so far.

I'll never tell! I'll keep you guessing FOREVER! :pinkiecrazy:
Actually, you can find out in the next chapter, so keep an eye out for it :pinkiehappy:

More about the elements will be explained in the next chapter. As for Trixie's eventual fate, who knows?
Thanks for reviewing! I hope you look forward to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

I don't have a whole lot to say with this part, but it's nice to see it continuing.

It feels rather hopeless on the Ponyville front and the bad news hasn't stopped coming. Definitely not one of Twilight's better days.

I also see Trixie is second guessing her decision. Things are getting a bit out of control for her, it seems.

Keep it up!

This is far deeper and cleverer than I had any expectations of it being, and I feel genuinely bad for wanting the group to leave their friend and get on with the adventure.
That said, clock is ticking. I hope this group finds their way out of Ponyville soon. Dungeons don't explore themselves, you know.
Well, apart from Discord's self-exploring dungeon. That thing is just creepy.

It's been almost a month. Come on, I want more:flutterrage::twilightangry2:

How have I never found this before?! :pinkiegasp:

This is pretty good so far, and I can only imagine what comes next. :yay:

Wow, apparently Trixie has the stones to put her hoof down when she needs to. Too bad it's too late to turn back.

Betraying the mask? Wonder how that'll turn out xD

Yessssss! :rainbowkiss: Best game ever! Crossing over with FiM! Yessssss!

Trixie breaking down and going back is possible, but I think the mask will have an easier time reaching out and calling too a new mind. There are no shortage of ponies willing to get what they want after all.

Why you have to make so long chapters? It only takes more time to deliver them!

Mask controlling Trixie against her will in an aggresive way in 3... 2... 1...

You didn't say on fanfiction that the story was posted here.

Y U NO SAY STORY WAS POSTED HERE!? :twilightangry2:

Trixie dumping the mask was an interesting and unexpected development. I look forward to seeing where this story will go now.

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