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I'm Zyr1987 (Rhymes with sir) and I'm currently the only person to write stories about Fleur de Lis to any great extent. I also ship extensively and have been taking to combining the two in my stories



Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are asked to meet Princess Luna early one morning, and are told that Luna needs their help to regain the last of the power she lost when she was banished to the moon.

On the way, Rainbow Dash tries to deal with her feelings for Fluttershy, feelings that she never knew she had, while Fluttershy must decide on what she would like as a reward for undergoing this quest.

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One day of writing, remembering Luna's hugging of Fluttershy in Luna Eclipsed, and an idea to do something that wasn't a one shot produced this. If it goes over well, then I'll probably continue.

Also, if I do continue, Fluttershy will get more focus. I just imagined Rainbow Dash as being the more proactive one when it came to dealing with Luna in their initial meeting.

*reads desciption*
Possible Flutterdash, eh...?
Pretty good, I'll fave.


Awesomeness. I wish there was more, but oh well. Favoriting, will keep an eye on it. :yay:

Seems interesting. Will be watching this. Usually, the thing with stories having Luna using the royal we puts me off, but the potential of this story is keeping me on this.

This is posting into every group I'm in so I might as well give it a go. :ajbemused:

An adventure, seeking some items or whatever, led by Luna, and some FlutterDash? :pinkiegasp:

DO WANT! :pinkiehappy:

Seriously though, you definitely have my attention. This looks to be an interesting story, to be sure. I'll definitely track this. :yay: And for the record, Rainbow Dash being protective of Fluttershy, that's just awesome. She definitely would be. :twilightsmile:

1487976 1488701 Thanks for the comments. It's always good to hear praise for your writing:twilightsmile:

1489013 Personally, I find the royal we to be kind of endearing, but to each their own. Also, expect Luna to try to beak her habit of using it in future chapters. I'm still deciding whether she will succeed.

1490420 Thanks for the comment, and indeed, I always thought Rainbow would be very protective of her old friend, especially after what we've seen of their time at flight camp.

Also, I'll definitely be continuing this, but, despite being fast from inspiration to paper (24 hours to get this one done, most end up taking about 12), I... may not have thought about the general narrative outside of major scenes and themes :twilightblush:. I blame this on not knowing how well this idea would go over (if it ended up being very disliked, then there wasn't a hell of a lot of reason to continue. I write to entertain more than anything), so it may take a while to find a general narrative that I'm satisfied with. If it takes more than a month, however, feel free to smack me with a skillet.:rainbowwild:

Edit: I played around with the first paragraph, as it read a bit awkwardly before.

1491036 Hey, we all sometimes need to be able to experiment with the kind of writing and narrative we like. So take your time! But yeah, a month? I might just have to persuade you with chocolate. :pinkiehappy:

Oh no, that's alright. Do whatever you feel is necessary. I'm willing to bypass the whole royal we thing, and just focus on the story.

A month isn't that long... I'm currently writing something that's taking me a while to come up with stuff. Could be writer's block, I guess.

Looks pretty good. I'll keep reading as well.

I figured, since I just finished my first try at chapter two, I would give a status update.

It came together nicely enough, but I'm not all that satisfied with the beginning. The middle and about 2/3s of the end could be used as is to my satisfaction (though there is one contrived coincidence that I hope to eliminate, but it's no biggie) but the beginning, and a few parts of the end are a bit soft as is. I'll start a second pass tomorrow, and see if I can't fix those issues.

Also, because the characters themselves fascinate me to a large degree and I'm in my element when writing them, it focuses heavily on them and their relationships to each other, as well as some of the typical challenges of wilderness survival, with a bit less focus on humor.

Oh, and it's not often when I'm writing that I tear up, but that's what happens when you write something that touches on some of your old, deep wounds.

Edit: Also, I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the dialogue to the detriment of everything else in this go around. Gotta work on that

Well, new chapter is up, and I'm satisfied with it, as it sets up a number of things down the road to my liking, while still working for the best. Just a few things to mention:

I am never writing a story where bullying is even mentioned again. Just thinking about it brought back some very painful memories of middle school, and made it hard to write.:fluttercry:

There's a very good reason Fluttershy's feelings towards Rainbow Dash are being kept a bit vague. The next chapter will explain it.

The next chapter may take a while because I'm trying to decide whether this will be five or seven chapters. I will say that it ends not long after Luna gets the vessel, because writing the return trip makes no sense to me. If it's five, then the next chapter will include two key scenes, whereas, if it's seven, it will only have one.

If you don't get the whole Rainbow Dash had The Stare used on her, my fanfic "Rainbow Dash Discovers "The Stare"", should explain it, though here it was simply for plot convenience.

Edit: I did a bit of thinking about the next chapter, and remember how Luna spent 1000 years in the moon? Remember how she's trying to catch up to modern culture? Now consider for a second that this is a ship fic between females and luna may not have realized homosexuality is becoming accepted in Equestria. This is gonna be fun to write :rainbowkiss:

Great work ^_^
I demand moar!

I'm pretty sure that the reason it doesn't recognize "pegasi" as a word is because Pegasus is a name, not a species.

Based on what you said earlier, it sounded like you would make Luna a homophobic...

1629862 Earlier, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with Luna, though I was leaning towards homophobia, but In the end, due to a variety of factors, I decided to go with her being bi, because it was a much more interesting direction to take, what with the ideas going through my head. It also ended up being easier, because I really didn't know how to explain a 1000 year out of date goddess' objections to homosexuality, and going with this just simplified matters.

Edit: and I just love explaining why I do things the way I do in my writing.

Would love to see a squeal to this. one also lovely story, ne reason why I enjoy this fandom

Du magna fabula, de quo postea?

good story, but Fluttershy was a bit out of character, like way too serious not like her at all

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