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Equestria Buck Yeah


After a hard day at work, Rainbow needs to blow off some steam. What better way to do so than playing her favorite MMO.. right?

My first one-shot and comedy. Be kind, be cruel, be whatever your opinion says. Always looking for constructive criticism!

Cover art provided by IJAB. Go say hi! I demand it!

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:rainbowlaugh: Wow... That's... pretty funny!:rainbowlaugh:

Poor Rainbow Dash...

All my yes's, take them, just take them already. :trixieshiftleft:
Ugh, as a currently clean WoW addict, I should have known better than to read this.

lol, yep, I know the feels, bro! I'm just glad I was prot. Could stand up to warrior counters a lot easier. Was a bunch of fun too!:pinkiehappy:

Rainbow Dash would probably be a great Paladin. Fiercely loyal to The Light, but also occasionally rush headlong into battle, letting their heavy armor and Light-granted spells protect himself for him. Also, the legendary Leeroy Jenkins (admit it, Rainbow Dash does charge headlong into some things without thinking first) was a Paladin.

This is definitely true. Not gonna deny that that video, when I first saw it, was friggin' hilarious! I figured RD to be more attracted to the ferocity of a big bad warrior, so why not? :rainbowwild:

Sandbox did dicbrudbenx dbehdbebshsshebs
shakedown oxen gornshsurydbsjekotinsb

Lol my spellcheck create those two words from random :rainbowlaugh:

Well three I can't count

I was a fuzzy druid. Cat is for fite!... And running away really fast.:twilightblush:

That ending. :rainbowlaugh:


For the Alliance!

I thought for the entire battle that it was Pinkie Pie out there teabagging Rainbow Dash. Honestly, I didn't see Fluttershy coming.

She's gonna teabag you softly, gently and sweetly. :yay:

I have to be honest and I found this just... just... :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:

I guess it's really 'insider' as a fic. Since I don't play the game, then I wouldn't know (or care).

I suppose I'd recommend writing in more of a general style such that the fics have more appeal for those not too familar with the subject material. Like that South Park game about WoW? It's funny even to those, like me, without experience directly playing the game.

Oh, well... *don't worry, I didn't downvote*

This is true, yeah. If you're unfamiliar with the game or its terms, you may not get most of it. I figured that, with it being a.. rather popular game, even with its lost customers in the last several months, that enough folks would find it amusing. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the critique though!


damn all those frost mages...even as a feral druid there still a pain in the ass...:twilightangry2:

oh and also... LOK'TAR OGAR FOR THE HORDE!

Damn Frost Mages. Go cry to the forums Dash.

lol, thanks! :rainbowlaugh: I honestly can't believe this is on the Popular Stories list right now, but hey, as long as people think it's amusing, I'm game! :derpytongue2:

And this is exactly why I don't PvP.

Fun story but it really has nothing to do with FiM other than the characters playing the game.

No problem man, and thanks again! :pinkiehappy:

Awesumator's ghost appeared in the farm's graveyard, now being the only one the team had left. Rainbow watched the resurrection beams appear on her screen, indicating that other dead players just returned to life, and a familiar red box clicked into existence.

'30 seconds until resurrection.'

This makes me RAGE. God I hate that resurrection bug. Drives me crazy.

wow. didnt see that one coming!

Oh Fluttershy!:rainbowlaugh:

I have not played in almost a hear, but bravo. "What?" Is all I could think when it turned out to be fluttershy :pinkiehappy:

It's always the quiet ones. :flutterrage:
I share Dash's sentiments. Only real difference is that I had a bunch of angry Chinese people swearing at me.

Ni hao! (and farm some gold?) :rainbowlaugh:

1573968 Wo hen hao, xie xie. (Yeah, I speak Chinese. That's how I knew they were swearing.) :twilightsmile:

Ah! That gets many rofls, good sir! I wonder how they must have felt after being called out! :derpytongue2:

1574017 It was kind of obvious, considering they ragequit in ten seconds flat.

Ya see kiddies, this is why you role up a PALADIN when you want to do PVP

sending a few keys flying off the keyboard. done that b4 :D

FUCK YOU FLUTTERSHY! :flutterrage:

Huh I thought that was Pinkie Pie :rainbowlaugh:

i so thought it was pinkie pie:pinkiesmile:
i was very suprize to see it was Fluttershy:yay:

How did Fluttershy come up with the name Minifridge?

LOL, I thought it was Pinkie as Minifridge; would make sense, after all. But Fluttershy is still awesome.

This was pretty tight! Thanks for making it!

Totally can see Rainbow as an Orc Warrior. Very fitting. (I say that in a good way)


Didn't see that coming.

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