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Well, I'm 17 (for now) and I absolutely love writing. Writing is one of my favourite pastimes so I'm glad that I came here!


Nightmare Moon, Discord AND Crysalis have returned to exact their vengeance on the six little ponies that caused them so much grief. But they aren't going to fight them themselves, what fun is there in that. So they decided to send them to a suspended reality where they can pit Twilight, FLuttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Applejack against some of the greatest fighters and monsters ever invented in bloodthirsty duels to the death. Will anypony survive?

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No tradegy, no sad tag.

And the setting sounds fun. I'm up for it!

Hmmm, you have my attention. I'm curious to know who Dashie and Applejack have to fight

Sonic vs RD and Knuckles vs AJ.

Trixie Versus James Bond.
Sherlock Holmes versus Iron Will.

Applejack vs Majora (Legend of Zelda, Nintendo)
RD vs Ezio (Assassin's Creed)
Others, The T-1000 (Terminator 2) Edward Scissorhands, Percy Jackson (self-explanatory), Genghis Khan, Cthulhu, The Leviathan (GOING BIBLICAL), or even Laura Croft (Tomb Raider), those are my ideas.

1634987 Funny you should mention the T-1000, because he was actually the next opponent I have lined up for Rainbow Dash

1634995 Well, I revised the comment afterward. There's some more ideas for ya.

My thoughts, they are NONFICTION.

1633652 Well, I was always going to do Sonic vs RD, that's a given. But Knuckles vs AJ is a good idea...I had better get writing...

TF2 vs My Little Pony.

Just because it'll spice it up a bit. :pinkiehappy:


I would have wanted only villains or easy to hate characters against the main six. Some of us are Toph fans, you know.

And prob. more than a few of us are Katniss fans.

Hey, if we're voting on this, Umbridge VS Twilight. Or Moldyshorts.

Nooo, Bellatrix. Bellatrix vs Twilight.

They both have the intensely awesome (in the old school sense of awesome) adoration for their authority figure/boss.

The opening chapter was needlessly long, but intriguing. I will continue.

one of them should fight ether the Pyro or a l4d2 Tank

Hooray for Crossover fights! I'm so faving this.

The next round for Twilight: vs Skulduggery Pleasant and/or Valkyrie Cain... I hope you've read those books

You know what? Here's my take on who's going against who.
RD vs. T-1000
AJ vs. Predator (DONE)
ROUND 2 Fights-
Twilight vs. Voldemort/Bellatrix LeStrange
Rarity vs. Master Chief
Pinkie Pie vs. Majora's Incarnation
Fluttershy vs. Psycho Mantis
RD vs. Sonic the Hedgehog
AJ vs. Genghis Khan
ROUND 3 Fights
Twilight vs. King Galbatorix
Rarity vs. General Grievous/Boba Fett
Fluttershy vs. Samus/Ridley
Pinkie Pie vs. Marx/Meta Knight
AJ vs. Percy Jackson
RD vs. Ezio the Assassin
That's all I got. Remember, these are all the greatest monsters and warriors in history, not just evil people.

1638750I'm gonna need to do some research on those, but thanks, I think you just helped me plan the next set of chapters
1636160 I understand where you're coming from, since I agree that Toph is a total badass and Katniss is awesome. But I didn't want a generic black and white, good vs evil fic. I wanted it to be a more grisly story of what would happen if two people were told "if you want to live, kill each other". Plus, I had to match the characters based on abilities and skill sets. If I was just sticking to villains, that would be really bloody difficult. But I do see your point and understand where you're coming from

1639622 Could you tell me which ones you don't know? I'm weirdly curious for some reason... :rainbowhuh:

1639622 You'll not mind if I skip the ones where two characters I like fight each other?

I definitely skipped the Toph one... :rainbowhuh::fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair:

1639662 Ah. Majora is from The Legend of Zelda; Majora's Mask. It's the final boss. Psycho Mantis is from the Metal Gear Solid series, and he's notorious for the largest scale breaking of the fourth wall ever devised. Oh, and if you look closely, each one of Pinkie's bosses are somewhat insane/Pinkamena-ish.

1639697 Oddly enough, some of the other fight's I had Pinkie going for were against Albert Wesker and Yuno Gasai. I huess crazy vs crazy makes for a good showdown

1639712 I say you should put in the comments what each monster/character is from. I don't know who Lucy or Dalek is from. I know they're probably really well-known characters in things, but I just don't know.

1639729 Lucy is one of the main characters in Elfen Lied and Daleks are some of the most memorable villains from Doctor Who

1639757 Ah, I really do need to start watching Doctor Who, to me, it's almost like Slender Man, I can't go anywhere without hearing about it.

1639635 that's fine. If you want a basic outline of the fight so you don't miss out on anything then just ask and I'll send it to you in a private message

Nice Elfen Lied cross over. you should defiently have other anime schrters in later chaps

1644055 I have plans for Gasai Yuno as well as a few characters from Digimon, Yugioh, Dragonball Z and a few others, so there is going to be no lack of anime in there:raritywink:

1644206 Yu-gi-oh? Your going to have them fight Joey?

Joey kick!


Could it be this?

Nah, I was thinking more like having someone like Applejack duel Dartz or maybe Rainbow vs Bakura. Or perhaps Twilight vs the Dark Magician. Something like that anyway

1646812 I was talking about his failed attempt to kick down a door.

Sounds brilliant! Bring on Q, Khan, The Frankenstein Monster, The Predator and Mrs Trunchbull! :pinkiehappy:

1646849 It is at this point I really wish I could like comments on this site.
1646885 I'm not really a Trekkie, but I'll certainly look into Khan and Q (John DeLancie-ception!!!!!). Predator vs Applejack is already in editting and I LOVE the ideo of Frankensteins monster and Miss Trunchbull. I think you have just given me another three potential opponents for Applejack at least....

Pinky is becoming psychotic.:pinkiecrazy:

So it was Elfen Lied?

I've only read the first chapter or so of it, but the powers she had seemed strangely familiar, as well as the two "horns"

1656631 yep. at first how it described her dident sound right then i saw the 2 horns and was like Oh.:raritystarry:

The horns were the first clue, then the two metres range and 'Ammunition'.

I remember only a few things of Elfen Lied

1 - The main character (Lucy) has a sort of telekinetic power(invisible hands) within two metres range.
2 - She's not human so she has some kind of horns.

I put two and two together :P

Carnage (marvel villian) vs either Pinky of Fluttershy. He's off-the-wall crazy like Pinky and the absolute opposite of Fluttershy, valuing no life not even his own....oh wait...he's damn near indestructible though. Only weak to sonic attacks and extreme heat. That could toss a wrench in my idea.

1639712 how would she defeat Wesker? It took 2 rockets and being dumped in lava simultaneously to kill him.

1657971 that is true, but you seem to forget Pinkie Pie's 4th Wall breaking abilities. Plus the arena would be some kind of volcano. She would take him out with her main weapon: Pinkie Sense

ok sho the hell is lucy i mean where is she from a game,a movie,a book? WHERE!:flutterrage:

1667356 I'm sensing a little bit of rage here....

Lucy is the primary character in the anime series Elfen Lied. She is a Dicolonius (essentially the next stage of human evolution) and she has 4 telekinetic weapons called Vectors that extend from her back. She can attack with them within a two meter radius, but she can use them as blunt weapons to smash things or she can use them as blades, or she can use them to lift things. Hope that helps :twilightsmile:

OK, a few people have been telling me that I need to state who the combatants are and where they come from, so I might as well start off with this one.

PINKIE PIE: My Little Pony
Lucy: Elfen Lied (anime)

DALEK: Doctor Who (British television series)

RARITY: My Little Pony
TOPH BEIFONG: Avatar, the Last Airbender (cartoon)

FLUTTERSHY: My Little Pony
KATNISS EVERDEEN: The Hunger Games (series of books, film)

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