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Stormin Away


--LSD Dream Emulator is an obscure PS1 game made in Japan that is based off of the creator's dream journal. It is very scary in the sense that anything can happen at any time, and has gained a wide cult following for its desolation and all around eerieness--

The adventures in a video game world with no rhyme or reason behind executed by the fastest flier in Equestria and the smartest unicorn in Ponyville. Lulz ensues.

NOTE: Yeah yeah yeah, I know, the thumbnail has nothing related to the actual fic, and Twilight could have used her magic, but just bear with me here.

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I think...I will favorite it.

- Brought to you by Max Headroom who is still stuck in TV land with nothing but corroded metal in the background.

A pony fanfiction based on the most obscure game I have ever lied my eyes upon? Please, do give me more! :trollestia:

Hmm, out of curiosity is English your second language? The spelling and grammar errors seem to indicate that (not that there's any shame in it; English IS hard to learn). I like the concept, but unfortunately this particular story is underdeveloped.


Nope, lived in the US and spoke english for my whole life.

I just write these at two in the morning when I'm barely awake :pinkiecrazy:


Nope. AzuriteReaction and MikeNemonic. I also played it for myself

Congratulations. You made me get a copy of that game.

This really is an interesting fic. Waiting to see more:twilightsmile:

Can't wait to see what happens when the rest of the 4 find them.

I've never played this game before, just seen one episode of a lets play,
But I'm sure this isent supposed to happen:trixieshiftright:


Ok, just checking

My brain at 4 am fails to process sarcasm

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