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One from a city with an unfamiliar name,
One with a prismatic mane,
One who's curiosity
Will this day be the master key.
The next one stands out from the rest,
With masculinity he is blessed.
Next we have the audacious mare,
who insists that she will never be scared.
The last companion, who will give way,
Will be found cooking a souffle.
With these six ponies you must flee,
If you want to restore your history.

Six less-than-extraordinary ponies, one crazy stallion, one monster beyond belief, and eight hours to stop it all.
Sounds like a job for Doctor Whooves.

EDIT: Added character 'titles' for each chapter. These will let you know who is telling a particular chapter.

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2615365 gotta love Matt Smith :rainbowkiss:


Also I looked closely at the cover image and... Is that Slenderpony?


Yes. It's my DW-esque explanation-- with ponies! :pinkiehappy:

The short description caught my eye. I'll be reading this one, if just out of curiosity for brilliant hooks! :twilightsmile:

Can't wait to indulge myself!

Love always and forever,

I hope knighty fixes that when the 8th chapter is published :moustache:

At the time of posting this comment there are also eight likes.

Aaaaaaa ! Slendermane ! I was like mentaly scared looking at pictures with slendermane !:twilightoops:

I saw the description and I knew I needed to read this.

Prediction: :pinkiehappy:
Reality: :twilightsmile:


But-but Eleven's catchphrase is "Geronimo!" not "Allons-y!!"


How did I miss the firs part of that comment??? I'm a Whovian to the end of the universe, and I should've caught that. :raritydespair:

2621083 :rainbowderp: oh yeah, ALLON-SY was the 9th doctors wasn't it?.....

2624348 :facehoof: sorry I keep muddling the names up, I just remember them by, that funny guy, that less funny more serious, scottish/ welsh guy

2615374 That's not Smith's catchphrase that's Tennant's

You're naming your 7th story 8? You better go for something Eccleston-like now.

Doctor what..... That's new.


D'awww, thanks. This is just a side project. I don't know when I'll get back to it, unfortunately.

2676874 I really want to see how it goes! PLEEEEEASE continue it! :fluttershysad:


Well, we'll see. Right now my popular story is 'Stitching it Together.' But, hey, if this gets more popular, I'll pay more attention to it. And, yes, you should consider this a challenge.:rainbowdetermined2:

2677154 Let's say, 250+ views and 25+ likes?
Also, Stitching It Together is a good story too, it's just that I like Doctor Who and MLP, so, yeah. This story rocks.


Yeah, sure. Sounds good to me. If you can spread this around and get 25+ likes, I'll go back to this one.

Of course, this, being a Doctor Hooves fic, there is probably going to be a lot of people dying. Like a fanfic version of George R.R. Martin.

The last companion, who will give way,

I think you meant we'll give away


No, 'will give way' as in 'break under pressure.'

I'll add a like. Want to see more, and, intending to look at your other stories too, but, you know. Busy.

Thanks! :twilightsmile:
Honestly, this isn't my best work. The one-shots are the best :twilightsheepish:

part of me just wants to see a moment where some one calls him the professor and then he remembers ace and her constant need to blow things up

2918300 for some reason i can see him calling rainbow dash ace as he remembers her

If you don't watch Doctor Who, you may get lost later on... :twilightoops:

2918775 she was the river song of the classic era of Who

Remember you said I might get lost on the story? Don't Worry I won't get lost on it!

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