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Strange dreams.
Disjointed memories.
Twilight Sparkle suffered from all of these. Sometimes they scared her. Sometimes they made her a better pony and friend.
But one day she would have to find out. One day it had to all come crashing down. She isn't just a pony, not just a princess. She's something much more mysterious...

Well, now that the story is over, it's open to you! Have an idea for a continuation? Go for it!

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Well this looks like it could get interesting. You have my attention.

Other than the obvious, 'If Twilight is a Timelord, then how come she has family and has been Celestia's student since she was a filly?', I like this beginning. :twilightsheepish:

What is this a crossover of? Doctor Who, right?

Timelord Twilight. Surprising, there is a lack of these types of story's. I hope that you can make this a great story, would be an interesting read! :twilightsmile:

It's deeper than just being a timelord... got it all planned out!

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I think that what Twilight is, is less important than who Twilight is.

I'm interested, but the plethora of incomplete multi-chapter stories in your story list is very off-putting. :unsuresweetie:

There isn't really enough here yet to say where this is going, but I am intrigued nonetheless. Do carry on.


I kinda figured there'd be more to it than Twilight just being a Timelord who hid herself in a watch. I'm anxious to see how this plays out.

Well, those aren't planned out to the degree this one is. I'd say a week or two, tops for this one.:twilightsmile:

This looks pretty interesting! Accidentally found it on today's hot list.

Feature? Hmmm, maybe.

At first, I thought this was an half life crossover, silly me:derpytongue2: tho that is an awesome idea, if it exists id like to read it.

Looks very interesting. Time travel? Veeeeeerrrrrry interesting. Just don't forget about us fans out here! We're waiting for the next chapter here!
Also I just saw back to the future again recently, so I'm on kind of a time travel kick . . . Thank you for writing this! :pinkiehappy:
But update! I know it's hard, (you know, I think I'm starting to sound hypocritical now. Oops.:twilightoops: I've never finished a story in my life, but I'm determined to write as long as I have as long as one person there waiting to read. I'm rambling again, aren't i? My bad . . . :twilightsheepish:)

Next chapter's halfway done! Don't you worry!

"It's an anagram," Derpy explained.

Actually, it's called an acronym. An anagram is an assortment of words that rearrange into another set of words, usually with a secret meaning.

Other than that, great story so far!

No, it's an anagram for "DISRAT." Which is, of course the name of the Discord x one of Fluttershy's rats ship.
It's relevant somehow.

Not my usual cup of tea but it's pretty good!:moustache:

Bah! Thanks. That was stupid. Totally knew that.:facehoof:

Ooh, i m interested now . . . :rainbowderp:
I'm not a huge fan of doctor who, (or doctor hooves, take your pick) but I always enjoy a well written fic! And I have seen at least a season or two of doctor who, so it's not like I'm completely lost or anything. :pinkiehappy:
Continue please! :twilightsmile:

Though with that "Mane 6" tag there, maybe I should have seen this coming to some extent. Though I don't think I ever would have guessed that they'd be involved quite like this.

Is twilight a time lord? I am kinda confused.

Well, yeah, but she hasn't been told yet because... well, reasons that haven't been told.:twilightblush:

Oooohoooohooooo, This is good, very gooooood...

But this was filed under Badass Twilight, so I'm just waiting for her to turn out to be the Master.

And hilarity must then ensue...

Add inception 'Bwaaaaahs'. It would totally add to the story.

Ha, just hearing that something is similar between my work and Inception makes me very happy, let alone the music. (big music nerd this end):twilightblush:

MOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmoreMOREmore :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttershysad::flutterrage::flutterrage::fluttershysad::fluttershysad::flutterrage::fluttershysad:

Thank you for your support of my group.

When will you update this story?:fluttercry:

Soon, actually!
Working hard on the next chapter, but it's a bit tough to pace correctly... it's gone through several re-writes, which explains the delay. :twilightblush:

4049009 ah. I see. Well it's good to see that this story will be back, I liked it. Also, I thought your youtube was kind of funny.

4049290 nothing I thought it was funny is all.


I hate first person stories. But it looks like you did something right...

Well, I enjoyed this story, but it seemed like it ended to quickly and it left a lot of things unexplained. Like how and why did Twilight lose her memories? Did her friends lose their memories too? It doesn't seem like it, so why not? And why were they ponies instead of time lords in that memory?

Well, in this story the idea was that time lords are ponies, or at least appear as ponies. ('Gallopfrey' was a hint to that)
Also, Twilight's memory loss has to do with the chameleon arch, which replaces memories of being a time lord with made up memories of being a human (in this case, pony).
The idea was that Twilight was rebellious, possibly even dangerous, so her memories were removed, and her friends stayed as is to make sure she didn't regain them somehow.
I should probably put that in... I've re-written this last chapter many times, trying to find a place to end it. That was in one of the endings... just not this one! :raritydespair:


Well, in this story the idea was that time lords are ponies, or at least appear as ponies. ('Gallopfrey' was a hint to that)

Okay, that should have made it obvious. I was thrown off by the part about the chameleon arch modifying biology. For some reason I assumed it meant humanoid time lord to pony instead of equine time lord to pony.

The idea was that Twilight was rebellious, possibly even dangerous, so her memories were removed, and her friends stayed as is to make sure she didn't regain them somehow.

That doesn't seem the the type of thing I'd expect her friends to do to her, but I suppose she could have been dangerous enough to force their hooves. Though I guess it was all for nothing, thanks to the Doctor.
But if they were there to make sure she didn't regain her memories, then why did they decide to give them back to her?

After enough time had passed (and a time lock placed on the Time War), there was no reason for her to be in hiding anymore.
Basically, Twilight was the one who put the Doctor on the path to destroying the time lords. When her friends found out she was willing to take extreme measures to end the war, they changed her and hid her on Equestria. They were trying to keep the time lords alive, but they didn't know that the idea had already been passed to the Doctor.
Time lords go boom, Twilight can no longer do any damage.

I'm sure they were just thrilled when Doctor showed up in Equestria then.
So the Doctor destroyed the world because Twilight disappeared, and Twilight disappeared because her friends were afraid that she was going to destroy the world. Way to go, guys.

But wait a second, I thought Twilight was the one who wanted to end the war diplomatically. How is destroying everything diplomatic?

No, she wanted to stop the fighting any way possible.
Did I say diplomatic somewhere?

This ending felt awkward and rushed. The first three chapters implied that a wonderful adventure was about to take place ... this chapter makes it seem like you got to the front door, got writer's block, and decided to cancel the story before you got too far into it. Previous chapters make me want to thumb this up, this ending makes me want to thumb this down. So no thumbs from me either way.

Well, this was originally planned to be a one-shot, but there were so many cliffhangers I figured there should be chapter divisions. All I wanted to do was talk about this idea I had, the curiosity machine itself, and then cut it off.
I have another, longer Doctor Whooves story planned. I didn't want this muscling in on its territory.:twilightsmile:

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