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Voice to text makes lots of mistakes and and so do I as far as what I'm doing with my life and Apple Bloom scootaloo and sweetie bell stop Browsing TikTok for 10 hours A-day in order to make an only fans. There adults to be clear.

Anyway it feels good to actually write a story even though it's really dumb. Ellen also I love my girlfriend even though she's really dumb just kidding. She's really smart just don't ask her about geography. It's kind of wild how bad she is at geography now she is punching me so I'm going to stop this description it's to be clear. Consensual gentle potentiing it's kind of funny and fun when she punches me. It's cute everything she does is cute. I don't know I'm rambling she just barked at me. It's so f****** adorable.

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Tramp, I like to think we're friends, but I'm not reading this until you put in line breaks.

Please in fact don't read this period. It's a cognito hazard.

With all apologies to other readers, I find this bit of craziness funny! Sure, it makes no sense at all, as this fic is a joke fic. I couldn't help but smile through the text, as weird as it is. Clean up the text, and stop using asterisks replacing dirty words, and this might get some upvotes.

Oh, and do capitalize the names of both cities: Needles, California, and Blythe, California. I've been to both towns several times. They are just desert towns, yet not bad at all. Unlike Detroit...which spawned Eminem. Horrors! :rainbowhuh:

Another sign that nobody is actually moderating this site anymore.

I set "Flight Of The Bumblebee" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov down to 0.25% speed and put it on in the background while I let Microsoft Zira read this fic to me in her sweet, sweet TTS robot voice. It was the most miserable experience of my entire life.


If I had a dollar for every time I think I need to go to settings and get my voice to text to stop censoring explosives and then proceed. To not actually get around to doing it including right now,. I would have enough money by Triple A once a week for like a month.

Money to buy Chipotle *.

I saw a Chat GPT fic get forcibly removed just a few days ago.

On one hand, it's nice to see people experiment with technology and find new ways to express themselves.

On the other, I think giving this a thumbs down is more like a badge of merit, a reward that you clearly worked hard for.

If you think a story shouldn't be on the site, report it. If you don't agree with a fic, don't whine about it, but instead use the proper tools the site gives you. It's kinda sad that you expect volunteer mods to cater to your whims, instead of doing your part in trying to improve the site.

Whims? No. It’s a garbage effort and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. I don’t particularly care if you or anyone else has a problem with that.

:twilightsmile: :derpytongue2:

Ah, the trials and tribulations of being an author....

Oh, have a moustache :moustache:

I am seriously confused.

I'm still upvoting.

I agree it's a garbage effort. That's kind of my.stchtic

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