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In the aftermath of a concert gone royally wrong, Pipp Petals must make her daring escape from the castle alone before she can be arrested along with her mother. When she stumbles across the crown jewel of her kingdom, the smallest princess decides to live up to her duty and protect the family heirloom from any would-be thieves.

At least, that's the plan...

An entry for Bicyclette's A Thousand Words Contest II hosted by the A Thousand Words group.
Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian
Preread by: Jymbroni
Cover Art: Smol Pipp by Kayle Rustone on Twitter
Now with a YouTube Reading by RainbowInfinityReadings

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After securing the crystal, Zipp placed her sister on her head and made a break for the nearest exit with her new friends.

Okay. Pipp is not that small last I remember. Stupid crystal magic.

I was inspired by the uncropped image I used for the cover.

If ya scrolled down here before reading, I consider the following image a spoiler, but the <spoiler> tag doesn't play nicely with the <img> tag, so considering yourself warned before opening.

:rainbowlaugh:. Just makes the story even better now.

Great! I consider it a spoiler to know before folks read, so I was very careful with the cover and description. :ajsmug:

Whilst amusing, there's something in the story I find a tad confusing. I know Pipp is shorter than her sister canonically (which makes sense given she's younger), but in the film she was able to carry the crystal with little difficulty. Was some sort of magic wreaking havoc with her height?

I'll refer you to this reply here 11599122 and encourage you to look up the definition of pygmy animals

I also added the AU tag to hopefully dispel the confusion.

Thanks for the links. That certainly cleans up the confusion.

Loved the story! Just so you know Cloudpuff is a boy :)

Wait, what?

One Google later...

Oh for <<bark>>'s sake. Thanks for letting me know! Fixed the error. Glad you enjoyed it! Literally edited for three days and never thought to check.

Lol, you're welcome! Hope you write more about tiny Pipp!

“That’s a good boy!” Pipp started to run after her, but tripped over the loose royal treasure.

Also noticed that

Thanks, if you find anything else, please send them in a PM as per the request in the author's notes.

I'm so sorry I didn't notice that I will from now on

No worries, thanks for your help! Just don't want the comment section filled with mistakes to break the flow of potential conversation. All is well.

So are you implying that Pipp Petals is a pygmy pink princess pony ?
...I'll see myself out.

With perfectly puffy pillowy wings and a pristinely proper purple mane?

... Guess I'll join you.

Greetings. Your reading has been completed and can be found below. I hope you enjoy.

Heheh, tiny Pipp :rainbowlaugh:

It was the one time she was glad to be so small, though dodging everypony’s stampeding legs had been harrowing to say the least. The pygmy pegasus preferred the safety of her mother’s back or perching on top of her sister’s head.

aww, that is quite a small pegasus she is!

“They’re not only mud trudgers and horn heads, but thieves too?”

oh no the future ponies invented pony racism again

After her mareculean effort, she collapsed to the floor to catch her breath with the crystal towering over her.

love the phrase “mareculean effort”, will have to start using it myself

It appeared to be a trap at first, but then Zipp spotted the familiar tuft of pink and purple underneath.

now that is a little pony!

Pipp glared daggers at the others while curling up in her sister's mane. She still wanted answers, but for now, the tiny princess was going to take a well-deserved nap.

aww! very adorable and silly, and i swear it feels like Pipp actually was getting smaller with every passing paragraph. thanks for writing!


aww! very adorable and silly, and i swear it feels like Pipp actually was getting smaller with every passing paragraph. thanks for writing!

Thanks for reading, Bike! Smol Pipp was fun to write. Glad you enjoyed it.

The pygmy pegasus preferred the safety of her mother’s back or perching on top of her sister’s head.

Huh. Just how short is this Pipp?

Cloudpuff brandished a police badge he was holding in his wing.

He’d actually been working undercover in the palace for years and was arresting Pipp.

This was fun, but a more concrete sense of Pipp’s size would’ve helped the jokes land better. This wasn’t bad, but it took me a bit to appreciate the magnitude of the absurdity on display, plus there wasn’t much beyond “lol Pipp smol” to the comedy. Still, thank you for the entry.

Thanks for the feedback. Just goes to show I need to step up my description game if I'm going to do anymore of these 1K contests. This took about 5× longer than writing it and specifically saying she's X inches tall seemed lazy.

And also agreed on the lack of humor. It was pretty much just a smol Pipp fic that turned out to be more cute than funny. Misread the homework on that one.

I glanced down as I scrolled, and when you started describing Pipp, I had to glance down some more...then more...and more...
Nice neat little story!
“Aww! She’s even itsier-bitsier than I remember!” Izzy cooed
:heart: Adorable, as all Izzy things should be

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