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This story is a sequel to Blind Date

Two girls not used to romance and not even all that familiar with each other yet get together for their first real date with each other after hitting it off on the blind date that set them up in the first place. Of course it will go perfectly and of course Applejack's friends wont spy on her and her new girlfriend. After all, there's nothing caustic about Sour Sweet's personality that could cause problems between the two of them.

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I have a lot going on but I'll put this in my read it later folder so I can understand more about Sour's personality....oh and nice avatar, Amethyst is my 2nd favorite BG pony.

overdoing it a bit with the under her brath stuff, otherwise a nice read.

Very cute and sweet. I love me a good crackship, especially for EQG AJ, You did a great job selling how these two very different people could connect. <3

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