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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Cool story bendy.

Bendy #2 · Oct 3rd, 2021 · · 1 ·

Eh, this story was didn't take long to make. I felt like making fun of a human with a gun stories.

Never change bendy.

Dear sweet evil Jebus! This story nearly made me piss myself.

Bendy #5 · Oct 3rd, 2021 · · 2 ·

Of course not. I will keep making my trashy stories.

Thanks. I felt like making fun of idiotic HIE stories where a 'badass' human behaves like an idiot. When being nice to ponies is a much better choice.

You are an edgelord with a gun who shoots the first pony you see in Equestria.

Hey, not every edgelord has a gun...

Not edgy enough. Not enough red tags.

Bendy #8 · Oct 3rd, 2021 · · 3 ·

It's wholesome edgy.

Of course not. But I have seen quite a few stories on fimfiction with so-called badass humans in Equestria. When being nice to the ponies is better for your survival in an alien world.

I would show ponies guns, not kill them

This was pretty random. I feel like the edge could have been sharpened a little more. Red and black armor; protag having a generic tragic event in his past; a pony bit him on the arm as a child so he plotted revenge. Still, it was already edgy.

Bendy #11 · Oct 3rd, 2021 · · 1 ·

Yeah, he's just a Call of Duty 'badass'. Everyone knows you only become Navy Seal when you play Minecraft. XD

Still though, being an idiotic edgelord would be a bad idea in Equestria. You only have so much ammo, before you run out. Plus if the ponies are 'good' it would just be evil.

Also, being a dumb edgelord means you miss out on the pony booty.

Comment posted by aegishailstorm deleted Oct 4th, 2021

Wonder if I can make a 1000 word eldritch horror story.

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