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I actually want to know about Rainbow Dashes felonies.

A sex daddy who also keeps his boundaries, is that too much to ask?

Nice story, really enjoyed.

Found one minor typo.

While her orgasm's weren't the bed-shaking earthquakes that usually Applejack enjoyed, she prided herself on being a quick-cummer

There shouldn't be an apostrophe there.

I mean, *he* wasn't the one who made poles go to the wrong holes....

Comment posted by Earth95_Queenie deleted Jun 2nd, 2022

Double happy ending with one shot... Well done Stud work and also efficent!

When things don't turn out as planed, but still ends up pretty ok. Now i wonder what the relation ship between the Colt & Filly is going to be, growing up together.

Amazing story, very sweet & gentel.

Applejack huffed, "I ain't fuck'n my brother!"

Who are you, and what have you done with the World’s Strongest Writer???

I’m guessing it’s called “Neighagra” because of the volume of fluid pouring over the side afterwards.


Probably that time she blew up the weather factory in Tanks for the Memories

when she sold trick/counterfeit fillyguide cookies?
-Also breaking and entering to pull pranks.
her various acts of vandalism (breaking windows via rainboom or just crashing through)
trading fluttershy into slavery (technically):fluttercry:
Possible tax evasion (her house is bigger then the other mane's homes. And she was just a weatherpony)
Assault via thundercloud (possible weapon?)

And that was just off the top of my head.

Story didn't contain any BoJack Horseman. My disappointment is a measurable and my day is ruined.

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