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YES YES YES, this was a great first chapter. I've been wanting a displaced story like this with Levi for a while. :pinkiehappy: Please make more! :fluttercry:

I'm wondering though. Are you writing on your Phone? Because I notice alot of spelling errors that seem more like auto-correct errors. Like when you meant to say "he", it came out as "her".

Its was my idear for him to write it in fat I gave him it

Comment posted by Unknown 1 deleted Mar 13th, 2021

Imagine if this was in the griffin the griffin universe

Comment posted by Vexling_ deleted Mar 14th, 2021

AoT fans are just like the AoT writers, they don't know how to make an interesting story and they fill it with unnecessary time skips.

Sorry but I'm not really an AoT fan, I really don't care for the anime or the manga I just like Levi Ackerman as a character and I was asked to write this. The original idea was set at the end of the series which I didn't care for at all. I started at the beginning the time skip philosophy just worked in my favor to tie the TheScottishbroneyforlife's ideas into the greater story. I like the concept of Levi and changed it to fit my writing style and character type as a displaced the facotr's just play in my favor.

Is Levi the only Attack on Titan character appearing in this story?

More than likely, as I said I don't care for the AoT franchise but i do like Levi as a character and an all around badass

Levi kicking some butt!
And so the lone wandererheads out into the wastel- i mean the world once more.
Loving this so far, i look forwards to the next chapter!

Excellent Chatter 3 I'm looking forward to Chatter 4

I’d love to see Levi gain some form of power or magic besides his immortality from that lake. Maybe something like he is put into a situation that pushes him to do more than he cans and it gets unlocked because of it.

So much sadness.. *Cries* I am glad Streusel got to see her papi before she went. That makes me happy.

dam this is a great story but why 3 prologues tho

Someone should write a story about Levi in griffin the griffin universe I would have to see.

Do i smell... The scent of... Progress to be made!? Levi Ackerman strawberry. I wonder where celestias trail will lead her. To levi? To the strawberry family? Bith? Who know?
Loving the story, and i look forwards to more chapters of it

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

Yes, comedy gold. A character that is in a fic for no other reason than SH!TS N G!GGLES. :rainbowlaugh:

this story is very pog

Michigan is best frog. Especially when he trolls a man into renting a theater and then gets taken by am alien

What eill levi hear from first, celestia's letter, or marmy telling him celestia misses him? Dun fun fuuuuun

"Shut up you pompus plothole," Celestia snorted. "Madame Scarlet funds that orphanage which is why you targeted it as it is not even near your home which gave you the excuse to want to tear down the city block. Get you buck ass out and don't come back before I strip you of your title and rank altogether for even suggesting it."

God damn

Excellent a new chapter is out and happy estser evryone

Noooo what happened to the cover art!

meh i guess the author says what goes. i do miss the old cover art tho

yes new chapter very pog

Excellent new Chatter keep up the good work.
And I give this story a 200 out of 200

I am Loving This Story So Far

Ah, Michigan J. Frog, how I missed you.

Lord Snooty Butt

PFFFFFTT! :rainbowlaugh:

Love the atmosphere in this chapter.

Excellent new Chatter I'm looking forward to the next one

Are any of the characters going to comment on how Levi sounds like a girl's name?

Good chapter. I hope Twlight is ok. Levi...Show no mercy

Oooooh, the unknown are in for it now!

Did you draw this? Or found it online? If it's the first one then I really love it.

I low key thought that was the stone mask from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Comment posted by TheScottishbroneyforlife deleted May 27th, 2021

Hang the countess. With effectively barbed wire.

Excellent new Chatter .
I gave this new Chatter a 900 out 900

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