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This doesn't really feel complete.
Feels more like the first chapter of a longer story

This is the whole story? It seems like this should continue, or else get a long sequel.

Pressed the wrong option, it will continue.

What a great start. This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.:yay:

Intriguing but bare-bones, and there are some typos here and there. Still, it's a compelling concept. Let's see where you go with it.

Intrigued, following! Looking forward to the rest!

This can only lead to greater things, can’t wait

I need you and your friends to come to Canterlot, I fear that there might be something horribly wrong with the world. We need to find out what.

You don't say.

~Skeeter The Lurker

IT WAS ME BARRY. I love it

So Nightmare Amore has basically turned Equestria into a casual sex world similar to Hentai Heroes...

So, the mystery begins. I wonder if they are going to solve it, or even care if they do.

You'll want to take another look at the opening. You've got some doubled almosts and Canterlots.

Still, good establishing scene. The investigation should certainly prove interesting.

ok, i gotta ask.
wheres the comedy tag?
cause this shits funny.

Very interesting. I eagerly await the next update.

i hope nightmare cadance wins

loving this so far, cant wait for the next ch!

Not sure whether to fap or laugh, but it’s great all the same.


Maybe not. Universal acceptance-type scenario is extremely difficult to defeat from within.

I'm liking the premise so far, but so far I'm as confused as Twilight about what's wrong with this world. Everything seems to be 100% ideal.

O boy, if they do put things back to normal everyone keeps their memories then things are gunna be awkward as hell

so far i dont see anything wrong, just a loving daughter giving her father a bj. nothing out of the ordinary

Plot-twist: it wasn't the sex

I absolutely love the idea of all this hyper-casual sexuality. Can't wait to see more!

That'd be fantastic yeah.

Awesome, looks like we will be seeing what Cadance has become soon.

Wait... If twi goes to the Crystal empire and defeats cadance. That means everything goes back to normal

Twilight asking inconvenient questions could go quite poorly for her. We'll see how Cadance reacts.

oh dear if she defeats cadance then everything will be lost


Could you include a description of the contents? The sexual acts and kinks involved?

It's standard procedure for porn on this site and more to the point it's impolite not to.

I adore everything about this story.:heart:

Oh my god:facehoof: Cadence what the hell did you do?:flutterrage:

I'm assuming the author's been dropping hints about what's changed, and I feel dumb for still not picking up on what's supposed to be wrong here.

I'm sure it's going to be super obvious once it's revealed, but right now everything still seems perfectly normal.

As they reached the cock shaped crystal castle with it’s flared tip roof, Shining Armor led her into the throne room.

Whut the Fuck ? Black coat ? is not normal for Candance , Neither the heart is in THAT shape ,
but theorethicly can shape in preferences by the one conected to it .

Niio ther sign of evil , considering that corruption is grey zone and black darkish candance is not normal .
but love denyal in too large doze and that sort is technicly borderline evil

I know right, can’t wait for the reveal though. The suspense is killing me

Yup. Definitely normal and not at all concerning. Maybe Celestia's retcon detector is on the fritz.

so everything is normal here

Seems likely at this point. I just hope Princess Cadance is able to assuage Twilight's concerns after they do their usual exchange.

Sunshine, sunshine,
Stallion cocks awake.
Pound my rump
And fuck me till I shake.

Very intrigued so far! I have to admit, I’m curious about Sexuality in this new world. It’s really the only downside I can see. Someone that doesn’t like both genders seems like they’d be ostracized a little, haha. Not being willing to fuck both of their parents and all.
I’m thinking too much about porn again haha

I'm curious how you're going to play the end of the story. You keep writing it like a mystery/adventure story with the hints about trying to figure out what changed, but you made the memory rewrite so strong that they've got impressions of years worth of alternate history, and nothing shakes their absolute certainty that everything is normal, except for Celestia's belief that something changed. And even Celestia is pretty sure that it is so minor that they'll never figure it out.

I had a feeling this is how it would end. Excellent fic, maybe warrants a few sequels or spin-offs.

I love happy endings:twilightsmile::trollestia::fluttercry::pinkiehappy::raritycry::rainbowwild:

Very nice, though I’m kinda sad it’s over. Think we could get a return to this universe in the future

It was a fun ride while it lasted. Glad to see the heroes won in the end. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing more stories set in this world's utopia.

I think it would've been better if it wasn't the sex that was the change. Maybe it could have been something weird, like she changed how their calendars worked, or something.

Well, THAT was thoroughly disappointing.

... Huh. I don't think I've ever seen a Nightmare Cadance this concerned with consent. Low bar to clear, but still. Definitely could've fleshed the story out more, but you accomplished what you set out to do. Nice work.


Indeed. An alt-ending perhaps?

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