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I am definitely liking where this is going! I did spot one error though:

...and while her coat remained pink, her long hair turned pink, making her the opposite of Gleamings pink mane and white coat.

I believe you meant to say "her long hair turned white".

It wouldn't surprise me, if Gleaming wants to explore her new body a bit more, then just with Cadence and finds herself a nice Stallion.:twilightblush:
Of course they are careless and she ends up Pregnant at the end.:pinkiecrazy:

Guessing Gleaming getting pregnant is a forgone conclusion as of "You're a girl forever if it happens".

I like the first chapter very well. I hope to continue to follow!

Well, I'm intrigued. But I must say, I see a wrench getting thrown in the works.

... or a foal in an oven.

I'm loving this so far can't wait to see what happens next.

This is looking pretty promising.

I... am sensing a LOT going wrong in later chapters... Love it so far though.

Oh, I can't wait to see where this goes!

Almost afraid that our girl Gleaming was about to be roofied.

Would be interesting to see gleaming end up bringing a stallion back to cadance.

Any idea if this is gunna continue?

How about now?


Well awesome, you have no idea how much I laughed after seeing this updated

This gets more and more interesting I can't wait to see more .

This is getting better and better each chapter.

This was a awesomely chill hype chapter.

This is getting more and more instance each chapter.

She is falling more and more.

Closer and closer she better be careful😉😂.

When more chapters be coming out?

When are you going to get back to this?

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