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Love to see this is coming back! Keep it up!

Nice, though I always took starlight as the dominant one of the two. Either way, awesome to see this continue

Good to see a casual sex equestria continues. You mention "any combination" should we expect some magical "equipment changes" as part of this for some mares and stallions?

After all talk from last story about no forbidden, no taboo. Yet, this story still force everyone to age up to 18+...I guess the trace of old world is still here...

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I am soooo happy to see you're continuing the story. Can't wait to see more!

if thats what the author wants to do then dont complain


Reader have the right to express their opinion.

more likely it's CYA so the screeching neo-puritans in this world don't get a toe-hold here.

Why would anyone ever leave a dislike on something like this?

I'm pretty sure there are people shifting through the 'porn'-tag just to downvote the stories. :ajsleepy:

There are also some spelling/grammar mistakes here. Some just downvote for that ...

Is it possible for two ponies to meet up, and not kiss?

Man, I hope Discord sent Cadance a very nice thank you letter for all this.


probably only total strangers

I guess Nightmare Cadence spell didn't effect our Lord Of Chaos. But if he fine with this and score a heir for himself. Than who gonna judge. XD

. “That’s so much nicer than before,” Discord breathed, seeming somewhat flustered.

Twilight frowned at him, “Before?”

“Oh, you know,” Discord said and cleared his throat, floating slightly into the air, “You know, before we become friends, of course!”

Mmmmmm. So I guess discord remembers the world before the change then?

ah so discord knows. also yay fluttercord!

Somehow, I don't think he minds the change, much.

O don’t think so either. But looks like he’s still getting used to it

Twilight woke up with a moan, her wings spreading across the bed beneath her as she rolled her hips against the tongue working deep in her. Spikes claws graped her thighs firmer, licking deeper into her.

A princess must wake up on time, and her Number One Assistant makes personally sure of it every morning.

Lighting her horn, she ran her field across her still soaking wet pussy and up to give her buttplug a small tug and a push.

Did she remember to get a bigger one?
(See chapters 2 and 4 of the previous story.)
Edit: Nevermind, it is explained a few sentences later.

Starlight nodded, “Give it a try, they are nice. Mistress have me wear one from time to time,” she said before she smiled, “It is a bit distracting at first,” she admitted, “But it’s also really nice. Not anywhere near enough to get you off, but I know it keeps me dripping wet all night.”

A good princess takes advice from her friends.

Twilight looked after her for a second, enjoying the view. Trixie liked to have Starlight have her tail bound up, nicely showing off her rear. She could see why, it was a very nice sight.

You are a princess, maybe make a royal decree about it?
Like making bound-up tails mandatory every tuesday? I wouldn't expect much opposition.

Good chapter!
I'm happy to see this universe continues to be explored.

I need to ask, why isn't this in the "Sex-Questria" story group yet?

“Worried you’ll get spanked?” Twilight teased playfully.
Pinkie giggled, “Worried that if I don’t, he won’t spank me!”

Punishment: Not getting "punished".

She hesitated, “That sounds… distracting. And I’m almost always wearing mine, want to get used to it before I end up wearing the full Princess Regalia.”

I wonder what those are (besides the buttplug).
Certainly something to keep her tail raised. Most likely a bridle, with an optional ring gag and/or reins. Maybe horse shoes with tickle enchantements?
Edit: We will get the answer in chapter 5 "Apple bucking". It turned out my guess wasn't that far off.

Shifting her wings, Twilight idly browsed the shelves as she waited. Maybe she should pick up a new vibrator while she was here anyway. Maybe one of the dragon ones, Rarity always liked those.

:moustache:: "Even I can't always be around. But these toys will help you to keep me in mind the entire time."

Twilight nodded, “Could you teach me how to tie up a tail bob?” she asked and shifted her wings, “I saw Starlight wear one today and it looked so good on her… and I just got a new butt plug and want to show it off a bit?”

That's the spirit, Twilight!

“Well,” AJ admitted, “Ah was going to inspect the far orchard, wouldn’t mind some company. But would ye mind licking up Macs cum or it will tickle mah thighs all morning?”

If Twilight would lick AJ clean she would get the combined taste of Big Mac and AJ on her tongue, which is a good thing.
:twilightsmile:: "And receive the combined taste of both you and Big Mac? Of course!"

“Mmm,” Applejack agreed and then nuzzled at her ear, “Ah like what ya did with ya tail.”
“Thank you.”

Maybe both of them should visit Fluttershy to teach them how to do this.

Good story so far!
I look forwards to the next chapter.
But make sure to not burn yourself out with it.

Also, I believe the proper cover source is a cropped version of Derpibooru #2026851. Consider updating the link.

Updated the link, thanks.

Full royal princess regalia was much more than just a crown and a buttplug. Body harness, clit, nipple, tongue and ear piercings, necklace and shoes were the everyday things. Full formal added reins, bridle, gag or bit and a strapon.

Neat. Sounds lovely!
(Except for the tongue piercing; that's a step too far for my taste. But that's just my personal view of things.)

The heavy purple silver collar with pink soft lining settled around neck neck and locked into place and she attached the harness to it as well with a pair of soft clicks.

I imagine there is some kind of locking meachanism in the collar.
Maybe she has to be mounted by a certain number of stallions before she can take it off again.
(Also, you are using the word "neck" two times in a row, most likely a typo.)

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.

Applejack were cooking in the kitchen, leaving them with some time to spend while they went and it was only polite to offer a blowjob or something like it when that happened.

:eeyup:: "And it would simply be rude of me to refuse such an offering..."

“Y-you remembered… thanks Big Mac…”
He chuckled lazily, “Like ah would forget ye like to be held down when ah cum,” he said and stroked her mane.

:twilightsmile:: "Such a gentlestallion... :heart:"

Next chapter when?

> Good thing ‘bloom is out with the Crusaders tonight. She has school tomorrow, don’t want to keep her up

Implying the crusaders won't be keeping HER up all night anyway

“Any stallions in mind?”
“Your brother, actually,” Twilight said with a smile, cuddling closer to the strong earth pony, “I’d rather like the idea of him giving me a foal or three when it’s time.”

To be fair, I'm pretty sure most mares of Ponyville do so.

“I know, but we’ll figure something out,” Twilight said and ran her hoof down to brush along Applejacks wet pussy, “I have some magic ideas that might work or even be fun. I need to do some more research though.”

Maybe something involving portals can do the job.

Twilight giggled and scooted off her, reattaching it to the harness, “You want to fuck me with my own regalia?” she teased.
Applejack grinned and nodded, “Right now, more than anything.”

Cadance: "That is the only correct answer in for this situation."

Twilight mphed and moaned, swallowing around his shaft as she tightened around the toy pistoning in her.
This has turned into a pretty nice day.

Yup, it was.
Thanks for sharing this story, Ravenor!

Hadn't realized there was a sequel until the very end. Whoops.

In any case, lovely, perfectly normal slice of life. Though i do have to wonder what Sunset Shimmer will think next time she gets homesick.

Dann, had a lot of fun with the story until discord showed up, I'm out

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