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I think this whatever it is should form an invisible, permanent band around the base of her clit, keeping her button engorged, exposed and highly sensitive all the time.

The "Horror" tag made me thought it was going to get even worse, but this turned out rather tame (for me). Also the ending was rather abrupt.

Casting the actually spell wasn’t difficult as very complex and summoning spells wasn’t something you wanted to mess u-

"Actual" spell, and "summoning spells weren't".

wrapped around her hood


Ohoho, that is devious. Would have loved to see more though.

Could she endure the constant teasing while doing her job, talking to dignitaries and such?
Can she still have sex? Would Shining even notice?
Would she be allowed to visit Twilight and then somehow hint something from her book went wrong?

Yup, this will certainly be interesting.

But a big question remains:
What will happen first? Will someone notice and free her, or will she begin to love (and keep) it?

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