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Let's see how this one goes, I stopped reading twilight since she got a dick, so fluttershy is less adventurous, let's see how this will go.

Shame to see twilight not getting updated, but hopefully Fluttershy will be as much fun.
#i would like futa Fluttershy in the future, makes it interesting after allm

Plz no futa on flutter. Twilight was great until that happened

She reached up to touch it with her horn, “I-it’s not bad.”


It didn't update after that anyway. You didn't miss much. Futa kills everything.


No futa this time around.

I would disagree, Futa makes it more intresting, more can happen, and could of lead to some intresting things happening when Twilight went back home

Are you going to update Duties to Equestria?

Let's gooo

This is pretty hot. I like the University setting and the free use theme. The permanent marker is a great addition.

I also really liked Twilight's series, but it kinda trailed off. Do you have a plan to take this series differently? I'd love conflict or an ending.

nice work! I've been trying to not directly compare this to the twilight version, but I'll say this much, fluttershy made the right choice in not being a self-sacrificing min-maxxer like twilight in whatever rewards she was seeking.

it also makes for a much more positive story, a slice of life, with clop over and under and in your face(and all over) tones, rather than the faint trace of erotic horror of the last one(which did get diluted over time).

That bit at the end, Fluttershy's 'outfit' for the party. Can you say 'unscheduled entertainment'? She's gonna have hooves (and cocks) all over her tonight. More than usual. I suspect at least two orgies and at least two circlejerks all with her at the center and all finishing with a bukkake.

I really, really like free use, and this story has it in abundance. It's especially good with random stallions, with a little hold the moan mixed in for fun. Good porn.

Ah, I'm so glad this still going!:raritystarry: I was starting to worry. I hope there's another update soon.:fluttershysad:

Interesting story. Kinda wish chapters were longer, but I guess it's mostly just clop, so probably isn't needed.

I did start to wonder how others would take the deal though. Most of all King Sombra. He probably wouldn't agree to nearly as much as any of the girls, and the ones running the show might have to work hard to sell him on the idea. Not sure if anyone would let them put him back into power as a reward, but maybe they could give him a good head start in a secret location, maybe with a trusted advisor to help him plan it out.

Even if I never post it, I might start writing it. See where it goes. Could be interesting. Especially if I adjusted the rules a little bit.

This is a really nice refresher and update to a classic concept, and (so far) is being handled significantly better than your previous take on it, which got a bit needlessly grim and punishment-heavy towards the back half.

Focusing on the free use, public sex, casual interactions, and the fun potential of the magic and technology at hand? It all helps a lot towards making this a ton of fun. Doubly so because Fluttershy is clearly into what she's doing and learning new things about herself, instead of being forced to endure them.

Glad to see you return to the concept and hit it out of the park this time, as there's just not enough people writing for this particular niche. I'll be watching for fresh chapters with a lot of optimism.

For the next week you are to ask anypony that play with you to sign you

Hot, though I must say, Fluttershy's master sure seems a lot more forgiving than Twilight's.

Fluttershy didn't min-max anywhere near as much.

Still perfect! Keep it up!

Fluttercute doing good work with her field testing. :V

You sure aren't holding much back, are you?

"Buck,” Sparkle Star grumbled and lit her horn, her magic slowly rotating Fluttershys clit ring, making the pegasus tremble, “Oh well, nothing to do about it now.”

Fluttershy nodded and laid down again as the magic field died down, settling down next to the white unicorn, “I-I’m sure we both did fine.”

Star nodded and gave her ear a lick, “Oh well, nothing to do about it now.


Why does she say this twice in a row?

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