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It's kind of like those porn games where your lose on purpose to get raped by monsters.

I have those pony toys in my living room :raritystarry:

I blinked up at her and then looked down at myself, “Than-” I started to say and stopped, looking over myself. Slender body, pale red coat, red mane, horn on my head.”

“Unicorn, huh?”

... I turned and walked to look myself over in the mirror.

Pale red coat covered a somewhat petit pegasus with long red mane. On my flank there seemed to be a fire made from fire.


Yes, fixed. Sorry.

mite I suggest Chosen class because it sounds like it would have the most potential for clop

and multi-classing in to Edge Witch equals. Alicorn dom. I like the idea of a Mistress Luna

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So what are the other spell schools anyhow? I'm asking for... Research

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