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The soft ending contrasts pretty heavily with the progressively destructive aspect of the first 2 chapters and shifts the tone entirely, but definitely enjoyable.

Damm, this deserves way more attention. Futa princess on human girl is a much too small genre.

This story made my week, thankyou so much. Isn't enough of this about if you ask me.

Nicely done! This shows a mastery of both psychology and prose, and takes a rare and underrated angle.

Woah. Intruding on the Princess while she was already with another was a pretty strong way to open. Very vivid, excellent start

Thanks for the kind words. I had so much fun writing this bit of degeneracy. Rest assured, this won’t be the last you see of Mary and the Princess.

Sexy, decadent, debaucherous, ridiculous, obscene, and funny.

Luna why do so many fucking noncon fics appear in the featured box. Everyday we stray closer to anarchy I fear

It's porn, don't think about it too much bro

Yes I know it's porn but it's porn that involves rape. I can tolerate people having weird as fuck kinks like liking feet etc. But when rape is mentioned in these stories my blood boils hotter then celestias sun and I want to fucking gut the pig who makes these and the people who do it. Alas I'm only one angry person among intense debauchery so I can only write these strongly worded comments/letters :pinkiesick:

A lack of introspection is at the root of most modern problems with the world, but can't argue with that logic :P .

You can rest easy at night knowing that these stories are fantasy and not real

I couldn't help but imagine the FBI after seeing and hearing everything through the hidden cameras thinking "Just another Tuesday."

Ooh new fic idea: The new guy at the NSA's dragnet surveillance division must quickly learn the difference between immediate threats to humanity and business as usual (gratuitous, ubiquitous and unseemly MLP prons)

For whatever reason, I kept expecting a comedy ending.
Like, Sunbutt's the only official contact for a month?
Twilight with a rolled up newspaper and Luna with a hose poof into existence and begin thwapping and spraying, respectively, yelling about finishing the trade agreements from the last time this happened and how much of the budget is child support

You’ve both given me some horrifically interesting ideas.

I need so much more of this. This was hot.

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she's beautiful……

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