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Well, I'm interested to see where you intend to take this. There are many ways for a princess to punish herself, from tacks in her bra to spanking herself with a cane to exposing herself shamefully.

Comment posted by tuzet2 deleted Jul 25th, 2019

I have some of them planned, and you just gave me a new idea.

Methinks Luna is a little masochist who needs an excuse to indulge in her fetish.

Will she experiment more with bondage too? She could tie herself up with ropes or cuffs and wear a coat over it. Then she'd have to go the whole day without letting anypony find out the princess is bound beneath her clothes.

Yes!! So cute, although tia needs punishment too lol. What if they were doing the same things but never realized they could be helping each other.

I'm loving this very much. Hopefully, Luna will experiment with some strict bondage, perhaps submitting to being used my stallions as well. Or, if she feels really depraved, let herself be used by beasts of the forest.

I can't see Luna be satisfied with this for very long. Seems like she'll just be tied down and fucked by the machine; pleasure without having to atone for it. Unless the mechanism has some form of punishment, of course. Training her to delay her orgasm as long as possible, for example, or get tortured.

If she seeks more humiliating tasks, she could also consider taking photos of herself. Black-and-white photos with her Cutie Mark covered. Like shaking a well-spanked ass for the camera. Then, she could randomly distribute them throughout Canterlot. The public would probably be in outcry over this "pervert", not knowing it's their princess. Luna in turn would have herself exposed before the city, plus there's the danger of somepony recognising her despite her efforts at secrecy...

That was just the "foreplay" at the castle, she will punish herself in more severe ways later on.

Now that was some serious suffering! Beautiful! And sexy, of course!

If Luna can project herself like that, she could also try something like appearing in several places, with her appearance altered again as well as her voice different, and then force herself to say degrading things about herself. Insult herself, blab out her darkest fantasies, beg (adult) viewers to spit on her and do worse and say 'please' and 'thank you' when they insult and degrade her or the magic tortures her.

I love me some breast bondage! Though I'm sad to see there will only be a few chapters more^^

I won't stop writing, I'll only stop writing this story...:twilightsmile:

I planned writing something about futa Applejack or Rarity with bondage stuff.

Same, when I saw hot sauce torture I actually thought she would be forcing herself to suck on a didlldo with hot sauce as cum! Horrible.

Comment posted by tuzet2 deleted Sep 9th, 2019

For a moment, I thought he'd ended up torturing them both^^

A fun ride, to be sure.

have someone help her. torture her, that is,

In the 24th paragraph. It should be "only the bulb" not "only bulb". You asked for grammar help :)
Also not sure if intentional.. but it's "Criticism" not "Critichism"

. "I suspect you travel to went some steam"
Should be "I suspect you want to travel to let out some steam,"
And Luna's response should be "Yes, I do. If time allows, I may stay longer..."
"She may embarrass herself..."
Not "she would embarrass herself"

"After she installed the clamp, she didn't wince."

Omg this is great continue this I will pay if I have to

Thank you. The mistakes have been corrected.

It is unlikely that I will have time to write anything until summer, because I'm preparing for one of my most important exam in my life. Text me at the end of June again, I will have time then.

Really like that twist at the end where she unwittingly ensures that both her, and her sister will never cum again. Absolutely love that.

Wa.. doesn't that spell completely invalidate all the punishment she went through?

unless they both cum at the same time

It's a good story. I added it to the collection
May I ask who the Princess Luna artist is on the cover?

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