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Alright, so this seems... REALLY weird... and.. kinda disturbing at parts.... but...

WHATEVER :pinkiecrazy:

I'll follow it, juuust to see where it goes. :pinkiesmile:


I think the author is going off the idea that Dinky is her daughter. That would explain why she is listed as sexually active

There weren't enough good men in this town as it was.

shouldn't it be ponies here

That doesn't make sense. If the stallions have reduced morals, why didn't snowflake beat the other guy up when he talked to him like that?

I like it better when I have to somewhat force my lover into obedience. No, I'm not very good at keeping a relationship going.

Seeing as how there is at least one mare from Canterlot, there just might be some stallions from the Capital too.

If there is a 1-1 ratio in impregslavement, we should get at least 16 guys, since one mare is to get away. Assuming that Discord didn't lie, of course.

Now I wonder who it'll be.

Actually, this isn't bad at all, I didn't see any problems. On the other hand it's 3:10 am here...So that might contribute to my positive opinion


Fixed, thanks for pointing that out


Self preservation. If he'd kept hold of her, Gizmo was poised to kick him where it hurts. If he'd turned on him, the now-enslaved Rainbow could've beaten him up to defend her master. (In Rainbow's head, she can beat anyone who doesn't take her by surprise)

Why am i thinking rainbow is getting bucked by soarin'??:rainbowhuh:

Oh dear, this can only end well. I'm sure of it. :pinkiecrazy:

Two more thoughts:

A) They don't know who among the stallions is brainwashed and who isn't; meaning they might very well beat some poor guy who's nothing to do with this to a pulp, simply because they can't take any chances.
B) "severe punishment" is awfully vague. What could be worse than lifelong sexual subservience? Mayhap something like the curse hitting the rest of your family... Or for every cheater caught, soandso other ponies get dragged into the game..?

This.. is.. particular.. but not bad.. *favd* :trixieshiftright:

I have a strange feeling some incest FEELINGS alone may come about fearfuly I will wa- who am i kidding ill be laughing at that anywho i hope you don't go down the obvious road with sickness hopfuly you got a better game plan then that! and out of thought you got discords vaguness down pat :twilightoops: though am not sure to be afraid or happy about it...anywoo wish this story luck keeping a eye on it! :twilightsmile:

will be looking forward to more of this. because i can't seem to find many stories where ponies get knocked up. i probably haven't looked hard enough though...

Time-traveling Discord?

This sounds interesting.


Just to clarify, what do you mean by "Holy Ground"?


Isn't the First Apple Farm just the Apple Farm? I mean, it hasn't moved since Granny Smith and family founded it, right?


Oh. Fair enough.

I'll probably stay away from all those places. Churches to Faust make the 4th wall cry, I don't recall a mention of the first apple farm in canon so wouldn't know where to start, and the castle's probably too out of the way to bother with.


Ah damn, I derped.
I've never watched The Highlander, so I didn't get it I'm afraid

Wow, I really like this story so far. I hope this gets updated daily


Well, you could check out "Sore in the Night", and "Rarity's worst Day Ever", two stories off the top of my head. There's probably some more, and plenty more where the upknocking has already happened.

Warning, though: Both stories are pretty messed up, but- since you're reading this, it shouldn't be too shocking.

Addendum: I just noticed how hard this is going to be for Film Reel. She's literally right in the middle of the story of the year (Discord-induced mass-rape resulting in brainwashed pregnant mares, possibly including the Elements of Harmony), but she can't tell anypony. For a journalist, that's probably tough salami.

Oh, and the whole "enslavement for life" thing. That'd be a bummer too.

This, is going to be bucking awesome.

thank you. i'll check those out. and yeah the whole enslavement thing is a bummer...

the concept for this is rather interesting, can't wait to see where this goes.

I want to believe that the "for life" is as long as discord isn't powerless again and trapped in stone. But hey he escaped that already so yeah for life i guess. :rainbowhuh:

its quiet dark and well silly.

I was tempted to hold this chapter back and release it along with Chapter 4, so you wouldn't get a clopless update, but I figured leaving it with a bit of intrigue wouldn't hurt.

Also, big BIG thanks to whoever recommended this story on Hypnochan, I owe a ton of this story's views to you.

Wow, Ditzy certainly didn't last long. I wonder if it was because of her naive nature, or maybe it was her boss and he nabbed her when she came in for work.

It might be that she was in a relationship already, and it was her partner who got to her. That could make any changes difficult to detect at a cursory glance.

Also: Somehow, the idea that impregnation is noted with a sound similar to an oven.. with a bun inside.. is adding insult to injury.

Here's hoping for Twilight to be next.

Seriously, I liked this chapter. Ditzy's state giving everypony that false sense of safety (just a bit, i know)

I think our little Ditzy gave it up on purpous perhaps to a sorten Dr.Whooves? :derpytongue2: then again....eh wishful thinking maybe becuse i'd like to know to Dinky does have a proper daddy :pinkiesad2:
Anywoo brillient chapter wish you the best of luck :twilightsmile:

Aww, what? We didn't get to see Derpy getting eliminated? I feel cheated, good sir!


I know how you feel. I'd like to get a new chapter out as much as everyone'd like to read it.
University has just been taking up a lot of my time recently.

I assure you I am steadily progressing, but for now, I can only apologise and ask you to be patient.

This is wrong and sick and weird and I'm following it! :pinkiecrazy:

I hope this hasn't died... That'd be a crying shame. We were just getting to the interesting revelations, after all!


It's not dead. However, at present, I'm managing to write about a sentence a day. I just tend to be exhausted after Uni, or have an assignment to work on instead.

Rest assured, I'm already over 2000 words into the next chapter. The wait shouldn't be much longer, I hope.

Ah, I know that feel. Just wanted to make sure, and now that I have, I'm happy^^

Well, I just wrote over 3000 words in 4 hours.

I am SO sorry about the delay on this chapter guys. I knew University would limit my free time, but I wasn't aware of just how inconvenient my timetable for the first semester would be.

So yeah, I finally motivated myself to spend a free day writing this. I'd like to say updates will pick up after this, but who can say?
I'll do my best.

glad to see this is still going :twilightsmile:

Why couldn't spike be one of the stallions then twilight would have had a stallion worthy of her affections.:pinkiehappy:

Loving the story, though i think the prize at the end is gonna be Discord... if yo ucatch my meaning (if he likes the mare I guess) or i could be SO wrong but who knows :unsuresweetie: (Part of the fun is guessing if your right or wrong! :pinkiehappy: ). happy to see your back! :twilightsmile:

Gentle breeze guide you home, a warm smile to keep your home warm. :twilightsmile:

The telling of Ditsy's tale was great! You could really get a sense of how she thinks and views the world.
And yes, her plan for solving this problem make some sense... Not to mention, I'd already sort of guessed it last chapter^^

Now: Time Turner didn't seem to be one of the... "Infected" males. So, not all of Ponyville's stallions were turned, assuming Discord didn't lie and none of them are, of course. How do you then differentiate between a hypnorapist and a normal? How much are they in control of themselves? Are they capable of planning in advance, or will they simply pounce? Or perhaps it changes on a case by case basis; making it even more difficult to keep up your guard up. For that matter, Ditsy didn't change too much either (or so it seems), so perhaps the precise nature of their enslavement also changes according to the mare.
In other words, whoever knocks up Pinkie might not stay as happy (or sane) as we first thought...

That's certainly a possibility! It'd fit perfectly with Discord's sadistic nature, that's for sure.

1658219 are you aware of the Fanfic Familiar Embrace by Ink Stroke? I'm sure that it'll fill your need for Twispike

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