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ok, that was something to get the first read story of the day ribbon

Oh incest and snuff? Nice!

Comment posted by Redfeather42 deleted Jun 28th, 2020

I mean... Fuck, man, what a mess. Full on 120 or whatever days of Blueblood level. Read it just for morbid fascination, and I think I came out a bit damaged out of it. Where is my emergency fluff, shit...

I've got some fluff too, if you can be bothered to look around.

120 Days is far worse than this

Well, yeah. I meant not as a whole story, but as a chapter of it. And alright, I'll check it out.

The hell are you on about, uce?

If he could trust them so little in the first place, why keep his office at home? Seems like asking for, well, this.

It would be suspect if he was always working late at the office, so Filthy has to work from home on occasion, to avoid suspicion.

Or maybe he just wanted an excuse to finally kill and rape his little beat daughter.

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