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Just a guy who writes what comes to his mind, no plans, no hesitation. I've only recently got into mlp though so I have to do a lot of research on the fly.


A man suddenly finds himself in Tartarus, no clue how he got there, and no idea how to get out, yet. As time continues forward he grows closer to the creatures locked up there. But one day new knowledge is found that could change everything. Will the human still be the same man as when he got there? Will Tirek finally get a heart as red as he is? And will everybody's favorite guard dog get his belly rubs!? (Hint: Yes, yes he will)

Chapters (4)
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This is a amazing chapter can't wait to see more of this story

You have my interest. I have a feeling Tirek will paint the ponies as tyrants of some sort, and himself innocent.

to be fair he was betrayed by his brother wasnt he

Not necessarily, he felt betrayed by his brother when he sided with the ponies instead of his own kin. Tirek's brother did try to get Tirek to join him, but Tirek chose to ignore him and in turn was banished to Tartarus.

I’m imagining Tirek gets all the pony magic then Ethan calls in his favor.

How dare u take his bone u monster!

yea this is why im guessing anon will just walk out again if he is put in tarturus

Tirek couldn't take magic away from items, would it be here ? Good story!

Tirek mentioned the thing about wiping out forests to put it in perspective how much magic is contained inside unicorns. He meant he could slowly take the ambient magic from equestria like every other magical being can do when they're missing magic, just at a much faster rate due to his ability to abosrb magic.

And if by "items" you mean magical artifacts like grogar's bell, then no he can't absorb that magic. I meant that he can take the magic from any living thing. Whether that be plants, animals, or the more mythical creatures found across the world of mlp.

6’ 2” myself, is nice sometimes, but not always. I served in the navy, and the ships aren’t really designed for someone my height or taller, so I would always be walking around the ship with my head down all the time when I was inside so I wouldn’t constantly hit my head, which happened anyways... a lot...
... what was I talking about?

Something about being too tall for convenience.

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