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Majin Syeekoh

We are all that potato.


this is the truest thing that's ever been said by anyone

I love everything about this

I think the quarantine's starting to really f**k with our heads.

“Oh yes, you’re so good at this,” the potato purred, gently thrusting more and more of her length between Sunset’s lips. It tasted how gouache would taste if gouache were a bit squashed and tasted like girly potato dick instead of gouache.

It is a futa! A futa potato? A futato.


I mean

I don’t disagree, but I was writing weird faff before quarantine and the inspiration for this came from stuff (Syeekoh saying Syeekoh Things, among others) that was also pretty weird before quarantine so I don’t think this counts as evidence.

Yes all the potatoes here are futa

You fucking had me at

The potato giggled sexilybitingherlipfully.

Tire. You've always been a lovely weirdo. Yet the fact that I read this and enjoyed it baffles me to no end!

That potato is Jesus in Purgatory.

2deep4me, but I don't disagree

this was rly deep + full of stuff. i liked the bit with the words, and also the bit with the potato

Her body was a kite


that bit w/ potat really spoke to me

I mean that seriously like for realsies my keyboard stood up and talked to me. that was when I knew the story was really getting D E E P

thnks 4 read

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