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After Celestia's announcement of war on humanity, things have changed for everyone. Humanity has been set on the run, fighting has ravaged both sides of the conflict, and the bitter fighting shows no end in sight. Human civilization has been brought to a grinding halt, and it is anyone's guess if it will even continue to exist. It is in this bleak future that one man finds himself in, alone, and driven solely by one goal in his mind, even as everyone around him falls to fighting and war. One man, a pacifist in a violent conflict, would do all he could to change things, to make amends.

He would fix his mistake. Or die trying.

This fic is set in the Ten Rounds universe of The Conversion Bureau setting.

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Interesting concept, it's original :pinkiegasp: and good job with the length


Please tell me this will update as opposed to the other "Ten Rounds" fics which were just one-shots.

Absolutely beautiful. The argument scene drags just a little bit, but everything else more than makes up for it.

Really glad to see you finally posted this. You undersell what you can do friend :twilightsmile:

Ohey, commenters!

I at first intended this to be a one off fic, but I have been getting ideas for a continuation of this. It'd be an interesting story to say the least, but I still dunno if I want to do it quite yet!

Heh, the argument scene was one I agonized over for just that reason. Eventually I had to trim everything I could without trying to ruin the scene, so it is probably a bit longer than it should be! Still, thanks for the compliment!

Dear god this was AAAMAAZING!!!!!:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::trixieshiftright: please tell me there will be more.

Fucking faved, dude. :pinkiehappy:

I loved this. The guy reminds me of Gordan Freeman.

I REALLY wish for another part to this! =D

Dont be Foolish. We would Crush the pathtic Ponies in a Matter of Days if not Hours and COMPLETY Destroy them

Well done my good sir, here take a moustache :moustache:

*stands up*

beautiful good sir
the concept is perfect. in my eyes you have captured the zealous views of both sides perfectly. this is also the first fic i have read with the ideas of a purification squad. and the ideas of a purification squad fit perfectly when you consider humanity would not simply bow down. there would be lots of us that would probably fight to the death.

this story has great potential and having a pony that seems to be some what torn (possibly romantically) is another idea i haven't seen in a while. through this story you have earned my respect in my writers eye and i hope to see more of your work
i salute you, for this is one of the most enjoyable fics I've read in a while though that may just be a delirium due to sleep deprivation.
i award you the mustaches of awesomeness, an award i haven given out in a long time.

^ Take that comment but add more moustaches for my comment.


That is quite a few claps dear sir!

But thank you a whole lot. I really do like that you enjoyed it so! I worked hard on this, and it took a lot longer than it should have, but at least it seems to have paid off with all the lovely comments! I'm glad you picked up on some of the subtext heh, and I would like to say purity is actually in Ten Rounds, for the record. Just never mentioned much, that's why I wanted to explore them in this fic. And apparently the next ones, since everyone is crying out for them, and I do have some idea of where to go with this.

Still, thank you, and thank everyone else who has commented here, for your lovely responses! This is quite a bit more compliments than I expected! I will do my best from now on to write on a more reasonable schedule, and get stuff out for you quickly!

Also is there going to be a sequel?

You know, on this second read through, I'm curious. It seems like Silver Streak almost had a crush on Jacob. Any truth to that or is that just me?

I like to think the extremes of both TCB people and the anti-TCB people as the PER and the HLF. Some people keep swaying they want to see the humans kill all the ponies for what they've done, some others insist that humans are horrible and need to be destroyed or changed. I think they're both fuckin' loony. Nice to see a (slight) parody TCB fic that pokes fun at both sides.

I like this as it stands, it gives hope to the Ten Rounds universe without going either way on it.

> “Jacob…why can’t you see? Its for the best…really. When everyone’s a pony, there won’t be any need for war, and fighting…if you all just let us convert you, this wouldn’t happen…”

You know, that's exactly the same rationale that Davros had for converting Kaled mutants into the first Daleks. Skaro had already been devastated by a decades-long nuclear war (between the Kaleds and Thals) with no end in sight. So, all the Daleks had to do was exterminate all non-Dalek intelligences, then there would be no more need for war and fighting… Everyone would be the same, all identical Daleks living in harmony.

And we all know how that worked out. :facehoof:

What's this kill-switch? He's not gonna reenact "Escape from LA" is he? Oh shit, TELL ME HE'S NOT GONNA PULL A "BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES"!
*grabs coat*
I gotta get to Colorado Springs and get some answers. Maybe stop this lunacy. Or help it, I dunno!
*Stops short*
Whoops, forgot to thumb and fav, great story. Putting my vote for more.
*Out the door*


I agree. That does seem to be subtly hinted at, doesn't it?

I still don't understand how he could stop the potion, or what a purity squad's job was.


A Purity patrol's job is to find Humans and convert them into Ponies. Purity most commonly appears in Ten Rounds Universe fics and it's deriatives.

In Ten Rounds and it's derivative stories, the potion is a combination of nanotechnology and magic. I assume the kill switch causes the nanomachines to turn off or kill those who've convertered.

6783903 A nano machine kill switch will either, deactivate it, Cause a small scale grey goo scenario, or completely and utterly wipe the subject that has the nanomachines in them in a nice tidy boom!.

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