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Rarity and Rainbow Dash get a taste of their own medicine, as an ill-timed prank during the conversion process leaves them with a new outlook on life, and lets them experience what they've helped others experience. Can Rarity keep her cool, and can Dash cool it, or will their friends' reactions get to them?

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I'll admit it, I laughed while reading it.

I vaguely remember this one.

Oneshot or not, it's a good'un. Usual criticisms about grammar do drag it down a bit, though. Get it tidied, and it's a upboat from me.


Holy Carp, hadn't seen somethin' like THIS before. Well, I like it! Take my upthumb, and Fav, and watch! :D

Lolololool, good for you TCB Rarity and Rainbow Dash!

Haaaa! Getting some TWWRD vibe up ins! I like it!

Good story but the grammar isn't doing it any justice, still a good story never the less.

I like the idea, let's see where this will take us.
:rainbowdetermined2:: I stll have wings, it's not so bad.
:raritydespair:: *faints*


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