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Takes place in the Yellowstone universe.

A group of local monster hunters are just doing there job when tougher creatures begin to pop up. No real problem there, The United States government has taken an interest in them, and has even sent a few of it's agents to contract them out. Things get bad when another freak shows up accusing a ginger man of horrors. Watch as they flee to the old ruins and attempt to survive, as they collect treasure and try and find a way out.

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HAHA! this story is funny as fuck, bout time someone shown the other races that appeared in this show!! i wonder what that scorpion thing was, it seemed, less malevelant than the other magical stuff that appeared in this world

Glad you liked it. I'm going to take sometime and write out the next story real careful like. so it's going to be a bit, and if you were wondering this is how I write while I'm sick and taking Nyquil, heh next story is really crazy.

erac, I'll say it again, you write like you're drunk, high and sleep-deprived... which, judging by the Nyquil, you were.:pinkiecrazy:

I'm currently putting this story on hold for a bit of corrections. Hopefully this won't take to long. Question is, how many folks would like to see the craziness tuned back or cranked up to eleven?

I'm liking it thus far, Keep it coming :rainbowlaugh:

Gave that attention whore a like and a track. Attention whores like getting attention.

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