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Rarity and Rainbow Dash get a taste of their own medicine, as an ill-timed prank during the conversion process leaves them with a new outlook on life, and lets them experience what they've helped others experience. Can Rarity keep her cool, and can Dash cool it, or will their friends' reactions get to them?

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I write when I get bored, and I write a lot. (sometimes,) This is where I plan on irregularly posting my ideas and TCB shorts that were to crazy or just not long enough to warrant there own separate thing. If you want more serious stuff, go read something else. If you want to see Humans trash Bureaus or break into the princess's palace, or even kidnap the worlds richest man. go on and enjoy this.

Leave your sanity at the door. You won't be needing it.

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Takes place in the Yellowstone universe.

A group of local monster hunters are just doing there job when tougher creatures begin to pop up. No real problem there, The United States government has taken an interest in them, and has even sent a few of it's agents to contract them out. Things get bad when another freak shows up accusing a ginger man of horrors. Watch as they flee to the old ruins and attempt to survive, as they collect treasure and try and find a way out.

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This is the story of Alex, A kid in the world of the conversion bureaus from a child's perspective. What does it mean to say no? What does it mean to Cave into pressure?

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